Why I Took A Break From Blogging

Hello friends! It’s been a while since last talked to you. I definitely missed everyone, and I decided to make it a goal to reply to every single comment I receive from now on. Of course, that’s impossible, but i’ll try my best anyway.

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t – I didn’t update for a few months. I rescheduled my old posts in the beginning so that new visitors and readers could read and get access to. However, after the old posts were re-posted, I took a full break from my blog. April and May has been a rough for me in both on here and in real life. Not only was I studying for finals, I was also studying for the ACT that I would have to take a few days after my finals. Furthermore, There were outside school projects I was working on that required long hours of hard work. To top it all off, I was/still am preparing and training for a trip in July – a mission trip that is not blog related. It’s a difficult time period in that as I am a student, I have many responsibilities and other things to care about. However, it is finally summer break (plus, I finished my ACT), so I will be planning lots of actives over the summer.

To top it off, my Google Adsense account was suspended for a while; apparently, it was due to invalid clicks. That, to me, was very unbelievable because when I got this mail in May, I had already taken a break since April and hadn’t gone on to click on my own ads. Not that I would do that anyway.

Personal Time

Blogging is a hobby for me – it’s something that I do in my free time. Although it has many benefits such as making a small income through it every month or meeting great friends like Soo in the process. However, it took me away from my personal time where I could simply relax and maybe even read a book. I used to love reading books, until it gradually turned into reading blogs.

While sharing my life on this public platformed helped me, I needed to take time for myself to think about my future and the direction of my blog. There was so much going on this platform, that I forgot to take that the time for myself and take a rest. This time off allowed me to rethink my goals and what I wanted to do with my life.

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During the time off, i finally did something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while – rebrand. Despite chaining my domain multiple times, I never really created an image for my blog and it was part of the reasons why I was so stressed out about the direction of my blog.

Rebranding my blog allowed me to define my clear purpose and goal for what I create on this platform. Not only did it help me organize my thoughts, it inspired me to create more content that would be helpful and aesthetic for my readers.

As of the rebrand, it’s not an “epic” rebrand where I hired a designer to do something – I just created my logo, social media templates, chose a good color (my favorite color – green!) to unify my brand and integrate it on my website. I also created a media kit and re-designed my about, contact, and legal pages. I mentioned this in this post where I said to improve your blog, you should create or modify your personal pages.

technical difficulties

It’s already been a year since I stared blogging, but then I was 15 when I started. I didn’t know anything about cPanel, databases, and other things about a self-hosted WordPress website. Because of this, I took this break to clean up my database, work on speeding up my site, and install CDN through the Bluehost WordPress Tools to help my images load faster.

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creating content

Despite me wanting to take a break, I still wanted to create posts for the future. I already had so many ideas written down on my editorial calendar, so I dedicated myself on writing posts while I was on break. My ‘ultimate’ plan was to create 10 posts while I was on break so that I could focus on summer homework (ugh I’m taking both APUSH and HAMLIT). Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, but I did get ahead of myself regarding content for blogging advice.

lack of content

To be honest, I actually didn’t have many things to write about. I wasn’t traveling, I wasn’t taking new photos, and I didn’t even make significant changes in my life enough to share. I was just spending boring days and watching travel videos and reading travel blogs. I did stock up on blogging relating posts, as stated above. Other than going to New York and Toronto for a week during spring break, there was nothing else to write about. Thankfully, I came up with many different types of post ideas for both destinations, so I have quite a bit of time to travel before I have to write another travel post.

I can’t wait until I finish my summer homework and just start traveling! I’m planning to go to San Francisco, Yosemite, and Arizona over the summer. If you know any great places for any of these destinations, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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  • Loved this post, Grace! I blogged originally for about 6 months, then lost my passion and took a 2 year break. I came back with a vision and a clear idea of what I wanted to blog about, and now it’s been over a year of solid blogging and I haven’t looked back! It’s so important to take time off, I’m glad you had the chance to refocus yourself!

  • welcome back, grace! i know i don’t comment on every post but i do stalk–i mean, pay attention to your blog content. i’ve been thinking about taking a break from blogging too but i haven’t fully developed that urge yet which is weird because usually, people find it difficult to start something and not taking a break from something. i used to push myself to update as much as possible in one week and now… i’m just whatever about it because quality is more important than quantity. i even deleted some posts that i found…unfitting for the image of my blog. it’s def a challenge to keep a blog running and updated and i think taking a break, a long one especially, can help restore back that blogging spirit if that makes sense.

    take your time and come back with more amazing posts, grace! i’ll be waiting for that awesomeness <3

  • It’s not easy! But, I commend you for pushing through & realizing that you were out of focus. I’ve been pretty inconsistent myself with my blog. Life gets in the way, it’s tedious and sometimes you feel like you’re talking to yourself. Sigh.

  • It’s definitely a challenge to keep up on blogging and all the other social media along with our own personal lives. It so much work that requires a lot of dedication which isn’t always fun. Take some time for yourself. Get your travel in and hopefully you’ll be refreshed with new content to write about

  • I definitely have been posting a lot less too as I have a lot going on in my personal life. It gets hard when you blog about your personal life- it’s almost like you feel guilty not updating your followers on every little thing. But you are right, blogging is a ton of work and if it starts to not become fun anymore I think it is time for a break. I blog as a hobby now and I worry that if I ever made money with it that I may not enjoy it as much…..on a side note, looking at your blog I was stunned that you are only 16! Well done, it is very beautiful.

  • Hope you enjoyed your time in Toronto! It’s where I live ;). Taking a break from blogging is sometimes really needed. I find I come back refreshed with more drive to continue after a break.

  • This was so refreshing to read. I too took a break from blogging and I feel it’s very beneficial. Blogging can take a lot of time and sometimes you just need to refocus and recharge.

  • I love your writing style! I think taking a break from blogging is a good idea. I’ve yet to do so, but I think it would actually help refresh my mind. I see that you mention your cPanel I’ve actually never gone into that after installing WordPress. I think I’ll take a look, my site could use a little help…my images upload a bit slow at times.

    • Hey Danielle,
      Yes, taking a break definitely gave me some different perspectives about blogging. About cPanel, if you’re hosting with Bluehost, you could probably go to WordPress tools and upgrade your PHP and CDN. I don’t know about other hosts, but those two helped my site A LOT! Plus, they’re both just one button away, and all you have to do is click it and wait haha

  • Loved reading this post Grace. I am 15, coming up 16 in September, and my issue really is timing. There’s homework, exams and all of that jazz to worry about so I reckon, at some point, I might find myself in your position, needing to take a break. xx

    • Hey Marina! I completely understand – it’s a struggle, isn’t it? I just visited your blog, and it looks like you’re such a great makeup artist! I honestly cannot put makeup on to save my life so yeah haha
      Best luck to you and the next school year 🙂