Why I Rebranded Again

yes, gracee.co has an extra ‘e’ but it’s okay


Hello, my name is Grace.
You may previously know me from imaqination.co or gracesays.co.
As you can see, I rebranded my blog for the third time, and I just wanted to drop in a quick update on why I rebranded again.

i got tired of nicknames

If you know me in person, you’ll know that I have lots of nicknames from lots of people. I don’t have a problem with nicknames; I love the feeling of many words representing me. I’ve had nicknames like Grcae, Hae, Gracee (haha), and peppermint candy (it had the same spelling as my name in Korean). But when I tried to incorporate it into my blog, I realized that I started getting tired of having to go by a specific name. My social media and description had to include that nickname in order for people to know that it was my blog.

i was embarrassed of my blog

I don’t tell people in real life that I blog. Why? It’s because this is where I write and share my thoughts, and I felt uncomfortable letting my friends read them. But the most important reason why I didn’t share my blog publicly was because I was embarrassed of the name. I kept on thinking, “They’ll think it’s silly” or “They won’t like it”.

i wanted this for my future

I’m sixteen, and in a few years, I’ll have to impress strangers and make them feel like I know what I’m doing. I really wanted to show off my blog to them to leave a strong impression. But like the point above, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon if I was afraid and embarrassed to show it off.

that’s why it’s gracee.co

When I took a little blog break in November, I was talking with my parents to decide on a blog name that I was going to stick to. Together, we came to the conclusion that my name will be the best choice to not get sick of, since I’ve been using it for the past sixteen years. My dad wasn’t comfortable about using our last name as a brand, so we together came up with gracee.co.

will the content change?

I really want to say no, but yes. The content will change. No, I’m not going to suddenly post about fashion and beauty. I will still post travel and photography, but I have been planning some travel series and posts for 2017 and I am beyond excited. I actually created an editorial calendar for my blog!

web design details

I don’t know if you can tell, but my web design slightly changed. I now have a landing page where I wrote a short paragraph bout myself and displayed my latest six posts in a grid, and a blog archive on the journal page. My background is darker, my logo changed and the font is different. Some people hate dark backgrounds, but I did this so that I can bring out the posts and pictures on white backgrounds. I’m actually really satisfied with how it turned out and special thanks to Little Bit Heart for helping me code the menu hover effect!

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