Where To Stay In Reno

When I was in Reno, I stayed in a hotel called Atlantis. It was a great hotel, with a casino surrounding the reception desk, but the smell of smoke was terrible. I actually didn’t stay for a very long time in the hotel, which explains my lack of photos.

On the first floor, there was the reception desk, casino, and bar. As a minor, everything was so uncomfortable for me except for the reception desk so I only shot one picture and hurried off towards my room.


My room was on the fifteenth floor, so I took the elevator to go to the top, and the elevator was shaped like a clear capsule.


Here is the view from our room. I wasn’t that surprised with the view and I was rarely in the room anyway. Lake Tahoe is less than an hour away so I definitely recommend you to take the time to drive there. The view is priceless.


It was a pretty long drive from San Francisco – around four hours – to Reno, so all I did on the first day was just lay on the bed and edit some pictures and write a blog post.


The stay was in Atlantis was great. Though it wasn’t much different from your usual hotel, it was a great stay. I wouldn’t recommend it for families who have small children because of the atmosphere of the casino. I came across a few people who were obnoxiously swearing in front of children.

I am not sponsored by or affiliated with Atlantis Casino and was not compensated in any way for this post.

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