What Traveling Means To Me

I’ve always called myself a travel-lover and never doubted that for a second. Why? New places fascinated me, beautiful sceneries awestruck me and capturing the picture-perfect moments satisfied me. I traveled to beautiful places to take beautiful photos, but that was the point of me traveling. I never enjoyed the plane rides, car rides or even bus rides around the countries I’ve visited, but I enjoyed that moment when I reach the top of a building and take a photo of the scenery below me. It was that feeling of accomplishment that I sought after, the satisfaction a photo brought me when it turned out exactly the way I wanted.


I spent the past year and a half traveling the world, and the only thing I have left with me are photos. Of course, the experiences, relationships and the meaningful life lessons I learned during the trips are also priceless, but none of them tell a story that others will understand. Most people, when hearing a story, just give a reaction but never actually think. However, a photo tells a clear story and makes it easier for others to visualize and think about.

To see and learn how others live; that’s the reason why my parents decided to take a year to travel. Going around many countries, learning their cultures and experiencing their lives first-hand is definitely a good reason why traveling is important. But on the other hand, it doesn’t mean much when you don’t use the resources you have effectively and record what you do.


To me, traveling is photography. I record what I do, what I felt and what I saw by taking photos. That’s the reason I travel and that is why I love traveling so much.

Of course, this little post is an opinion of my own. But it does make a good question to think about for travel lovers. Why do you love traveling so much and what does it mean to you?

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