What To Expect In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is such a gorgeous place, and I had so much fun photographing its landscape. You can take a look at some photos I took of Kings Beach here. While our family spent an amazing time in Lake Tahoe during the Thanksgiving weekend, we had some surprises we encountered during our trip. Here is a list of things you should expect when you travel to Lake Tahoe. (Disclaimer: I might have been a little silly when I was writing this)

1. A long, romantic drive

I only put this because I liked the picture when my mom was handing my dad her coffee and he totally missed it and accidentally grabbed her hand. So cute. Okay but really, the drive there is not that bad but coming back takes a long time. Though the fact that I went on a Thanksgiving weekend plays a huge part in this, the drive back can be very long and dangerous.


2. The weather being warmer than you thought

This wasn’t relevant during the whole trip, but during our drive to Lake Tahoe, we stopped to see how cold it was outside only to find that we had to take two layers off of our three-layered outfits. That’s saying a lot because I wear two layers in my hometown, which is so much warmer than Lake Tahoe.


3. Gorgeous beaches, lakes and sunsets

The sunset in Kings Beach was so gorgeous and I fell in love with sunsets once again. You can see so many more photos in my Kings Beach Photojournalism post. The whole day we were trying to catch up to the schedule with the families we went to Lake Tahoe together. We were all tired, but we decided that we should make it to Kings Beach before sunset, and I couldn’t have seen a more magical place. The pink and purple glow against the blue-gray ocean and the white mountain ranges were absolutely stunning. (I think that I should’ve put that paragraph in my other post but it’s all good)


4. sudden weather changes

Though it depends on the time of the day, you can never predict the mountain’s weather. One minute, you will be enjoying a not-so-cold but not-so-warm weather, then you might be freezing the next. One thing I recommend 100% is to bring chains for your car tires, no matter what. We had a family friend that went to Lake Tahoe with us but didn’t take their tire chains, and we can all imagine how that ended. (Don’t worry, they didn’t die but they had to buy low-quality chains for $100 near them)


5. fog

I was really excited when I saw fog (I’ve been into foggy weather the past few months), but it is very dangerous especially if you are driving up or down a mountain when it’s snowing. My dad decided to stop for a while in the side because he thought it was too dangers to drive, and when I looked around, it wasn’t only us who were making this decision. When you encounter fog during a drive to or back from Lake Tahoe, don’t try to surpass it but take a short break in the nearest side-road. Better to be safe than sorry.


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