Visiting The Niagara Falls In Ontario, Canada

Way back when I was three, I moved to Canada with my parents. I mean, I don’t remember it, but that’s what I’ve been told. I was told since I was little that every weekend, our family would drive to the Niagara falls and spend time in the city. A few months ago, I was luckily able to visit the Niagara falls while visiting New York. I didn’t expect myself to remember my childhood memories in this place. However, when I approached this cold, loud, and grand falls, I faintly remembered the very feeling.

I actually don’t know much about Canada since the United States’ education primarily focuses on themselves. If the information in incorrectly presented, I’d love some corrections in the comments.

The Niagara Falls has two falls – one on the United States, and one on Canada. The Horseshoe Falls is the one between US Canada, which is shaped like a horseshoe. The two falls are separated by Goat Island. At night, the falls are lit up into different colors such as blue and purple, which makes it a great tourist attraction. When I visited, the weather was absolutely terrible, but there were a surprising amount of people who came out to see the falls at night.

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One thing I remember about Niagara Falls is that Nik Wallenda tightroped across both the American falls and the Horseshoe falls. As we were walking along the sidewalk from the American side to the Horseshoe Falls, my parents were reminiscing on how it used to be so quiet.

The falls was way too enormous to capture on camera. I’ll admit, it was probably the most difficult place to photograph for me. The rail didn’t allow me to frame the falls how I wanted and the water vapor made the camera difficult to focus.

Despite the difficulty, I’m very happy with the results and though the fall looks ‘less big’ on picture according to my mom, I was able to learn how I should frame it next time. I unfortunately put my camera settings to a crop-sensor mode, but that also gave me a lesson to make sure to check all settings before shooting.

Just like I did in the Empire State Building, I simply stood against the rail and stared at the sight in front of me. The loud falls, cold air, and beautiful sky just paired perfectly together. When people said that you must visit Niagara Falls before you die, they weren’t joking.

When I walked to the mouth of Niagara Falls, the clouds were forming a similar curve as the waterfall. The water, close up, looked like an ocean in a storm and it was incomparable to what I saw from far away.

The visit to Niagara Falls brought old memories back for my parents for sure. As for me, it was great to get to know the area that I spent a portion of my childhood in. Looking back at the photos I took in front of Niagara Falls when I was little, my family and I were all deep in thought of how time flies so quickly.

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