My Travel Wardrobe Wishlist

 In California, where I live, the weather’s been cranky and bipolar. It would be hot and sunny one day, and raining the next day. What’s worse, is that it would be freezing cold in the morning, and boiling hot in the afternoon. Nevertheless, Springtime is almost here (hopefully), and I’ve picked some pieces that I will absolutely need in my travels. Though I’m not a fashionista nor do I ever write about clothing, I tried my best to gather items that looked both comfortable and stylish (at lest to me haha). Keep in mind that I love and adore simple looks, so if you’re looking for glamours items, this list might not be for you.

You’ll also notice that I include a lot of  “go-to” items. Blame the travel lifestyle.

this post is a collaboration with shein; however, all opinions are my own.

a fairly thin coat

When the weather’s bipolar, it’s always great to have an extra layer that you can always trust in. As I said earlier, here in California, the mornings are cold and the afternoons are hot. A thin layer, at the least, is absolutely worth a while if you’re ever going for a visit in San Francisco. Throwing on this coat on top of a comfortable shirt and maybe a little thicker coat, if it’s too cold, would be the way to go.

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a go-to white shirt

A white shirt can never go wrong. I used to have a white shirt that I would always throw on with jeans when I had nothing to wear. Unfortunately, after throwing it on way too much over the course of a year of traveling, its life came to an end and I had to throw it away. As I currently don’t have a white shirt, this is on my wish-list, and if anyone doesn’t have a go-to white shirt in their wardrobe, I will strongly suggest getting one. I tell you, it saves your life when you’re traveling.

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a go-to blouse

Traveling the world, especially if you do it frequently, can be a struggle to look decent. I’ve had multiple accounts where I arrived to a beautiful place, but all I had were old shirts and jeans. I usually don’t pack blouses because sometimes, it feels a little to dressy. But this one, which I fell in love with, looks like a more casual flannel-like blouse, which I absolutely adore.

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a pair of go-to jeans

Now, when talking about the bottom half of my body, it has to be just right. When traveling, your legs work the most – you walk everywhere, you sit for long hours, etc. Due to this, I’ve had a habit of wearing sweatpants on planes and lose jeans, which I don’t have many of, when I walk around the destination. Finding a good and comfortable pair of go-to jeans is definitely a necessity for your travel wardrobe.

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a casual and lightweight jacket

I talked about having a thin coat in the beginning, but a jacket that is lightweight is also very important. Especially in the springtime, it’s hard to determine how thick you’re going to layer yourself when you go out – travel or not. When you have a perfectly lightweight jacket, which you could wear it on top of both shirts and dresses, it could save you in your travels.

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a pair of comfortable boots

I’ll be honest – I love tennis shoes. It’s not that my high-arched feet need insoles in tennis shoes (which I definitely do), but it’s comfortable, easy to wear, and not hard to find. However, I sometimes feel awkward when I wear skirts with tennis shoes, as we all know how that looks. Having a pair of comfortable boots on the go will definitely save those awkward situations before I leave the hotel room.

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a go-to vest

Sometimes, just sometimes, the weather’s cold, but not that cold. It feels a little chilly, but too hot to wear a coat or a jacket. In these cases, a vest will save your life. I especially like the color and design of this vest because you can easily throw it on while you’re wearing casual clothing or even a dress.

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a dressier(?) blouse

Now, even when you’re traveling, you can’t miss a glamorous dinner – whether you travel solo or with family. In this case, it’s a lifesaver to have a blouse that you can throw on. I usually like to go out with dark colors because it’s safer at night for women, especially if you’re traveling alone.

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a pair of dressier (?) shoes

Continuing with the “night out”, a pair of go-to “dressy” shoes can go a long way. My pair, which I absolutely adored, died a few weeks ago; it was pretty old. A trusty pair of shoes that you can wear to a dinner, show, or anything else, is definitely worth a while to invest.

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short update

Other than posts with affiliate links, it’s a known fact that I barely do any sponsored posts. In fact, I only had one other sponsored post which was how I created the look of this blog now. I truly believe that these items will be helpful during your travels, and I even used this to pack my own suitcase yesterday. Even though I don’t have these exact clothing pieces, I used it as a guideline to pack for New York.

Which leads me to…I’m going to New York! Due to so much schoolwork, I haven’t been able to go anywhere since February. I’m so excited to visit New York for the second time (I fist visited when I was five – don’t remember anything) and also visit my cousins. Also, my uncle is an international lawyer, and since I am very much interested in majoring international law, I think it will be a great learning experience.

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