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Though it’s not comparable to other travel bloggers out there, I traveled to quite a lot of places as a sixteen year old who only got interested after her fifteenth birthday. There is a saying that photographers get attached to their photos because they experienced the story behind it firsthand, and I think it goes the same for me. The point of me posting my photos on is to share the photos and tell stories behind the photos. It’s also the best feeling when readers email me saying that my photos from a specific place really helped them take their own pictures when they visited.

In memory of all my travels, and also because I’m busy studying and I can’t travel or take photos, I decided to create a roundup of all my favorite photographs that each share a small story.

Prague, Czech Republic

The photo to the right was taken on the way to the Prague Castle in Czech Republic. I remember looking at a picture from New York that a photographer took, and I immediately put it into action.

Though this picture wasn’t fully my idea, it’s still something I look at and smile in remembrance.


Budapest, Hungary

This was actually taken in the afternoon, not during sunset. I was playing with Lightroom after watching some tutorials and added a little layer of color to the top, and it definitely looked kind of fake but I couldn’t find the original picture after a few months so this will stay as is.


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Point Reyes, California

When I went to Point Reyes, there was a family of deer. It was definitely unexpected and the sight was beyond amazing. I was walking back from the lighthouse, disappointed that the lighthouse was closed and that I didn’t get any good shots. I heard my dad shouting at me way at the front saying “there’s a deer!” and I hurried up to find a family very close to me. I snapped a few thoughts, thinking that the photos won’t turn out well because of the lighting, but when I came home and looked at the pictures, I was astonished on how well it came out. (Fun fact, this picture is not edited at all!)


Point Reyes, California

Okay, I lied that I didn’t have any good pictures from Point Reyes except for the deer picture. This picture was one out of hundreds I took of the landscape on that day. This photo just makes me relaxed when I look at it and feel calm.

San Francisco, California

Last but not least, this photo from my trip to San Francisco is definitely my new favorite because first, it was my first time visiting Baker Beach and staring at the Golden Gate Bridge for a very long time, just now touch it. Though it is definitely not the best photo of the Golden Gate Bridge out there, this is one of my favorite photos.


kings beach, California

Kings Beach had such a gorgeous landscape, and I instantly fell in love with it. My family and I were in Reno, but we were all tired because we couldn’t get everyone that we went on vacation with to agree on one place to go to. Annoyed, our family decided to drive around, and arrived at Kings Beach right before sunset.

newport beach

I went to Lost Angeles to meet family friends last Christmas, and we had a few hours to spare so my mom and I decided to explore Newport Beach. I especially like this photograph because it wasn’t my normal “zoomed up ocean” pictures, which you could tell that all of the pictures I featured on this post were so. It was a wide-angle shot that I never tried out before, but I instantly fell in love with it. I couldn’t travel anywhere else after this, but I’m counting the days until winter break (last week of February) to go to Yosemite.

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