The Hilton Garden Inn

On Christmas day, my family and I drove seven hours from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. I was so excited to photograph Highway 1, one of the most beautiful roads in California, but the sun set at six PM and left me with a pitch black view.

We booked into the Hilton Garden Inn in Los Angeles late at night, and it was probably one of the best hotels I’ve ever been in California. When we walked in, there was a lounge with lots of beverages, a bar, and a place for dining.

There was a small table with wine, some lemons and lime (I don’t know if they’re real though).

The interior of the lobby was very clean and modern. I think I spent around 2-3 hours talking with my friends that came from Hawaii on one of the sofas. The friends  met up with were whom I spent three months every single day in Hawaii with, and I even traveled with two of them for another three months. I actually went to Sentosa, Indonesia with them.

There were a few more tables next to the sofas we sat on and in the  next morning, we all ate breakfast in those very chairs.

Because we arrived on Christmas day, the tree was still up. The entire hotel was very warm and cozy, and it definitely added a pop of color to a clean and modern look.

If you couldn’t tell already, the Inn’s color scheme was purple. The bedroom wall was a dull shade of purple, which was actually really nice. The interior was just about any other hotel: a bed, picture frames, lamp, desk, etc.

There was also a microwave, coffee makers, and an extra sink right next to the entrance of the room.

And here’s the chair that I probably spent a few hours in just editing photos, writing blog posts, etc.

All in all, it was a very clean and modern hotel and I really enjoyed the stay in the Hilton Garden Inn. My family and I literally went to Los Angeles only to meet old friends, so the hotel was our little “meeting spot”. The lounge in the lobby was definitely a great place to catch up with my old friends.

disclaimer: this post is not sponsored or endorsed by hilton.

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