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Let’s be honest. If you are looking to start a blog, and you research around only to find that you have to purchase a domain, hosting, a theme, and it ends up costing so much more than you anticipated! I definitely understand how you would be feeling after seeing that number continuously rise. After blogging on Wix for a few months, I switched over to Bluehost and I’ve blogged ever since.

Today, I am going to introduce you to a new hosting website, called This is a completely free hosting website, which gives you a free domain and a free WordPress install. Though I don’t recommend this if you are planning to blog full-time and create a business, but I’d use this to test out if blogging is right for you. Once you are familiar with blogging, I recommend moving to Bluehost to have a more stable hosting service.

First, go to and click the big, red, “sign up” button or enter your desired name on the “yourdomain” section.

You will then be redirected to this page, where you should choose the “FREE Hosting plan”. You can choose a domain name when you install WordPress, so you don’t have to stress about picking a name during your register. But if you already have one in mind, go ahead and fill it out!

Fill out your information, and you will receive an email for confirmation. Then use your email and password to log in.

Once you log in, there will be many buttons, but go to “Hosting Tools” and click on “Zacky Installer”.

You will go through a series of options such as “Choose a Template”, but click on a random theme as you can delete them once you log into your website. Then, fill out your desired domain name and fill out your website name and admin information.

Once it is installed, log in with your credentials and you have a self-hosted WordPress site for FREE!

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