The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Blog

How to start a blog. That was probably the most searched phrase on my laptop when I first started blogging. I know how you feel, and I’m here to help. Before you begin reading, I need to tell you a little disclaimer that I am a blogger that started only eleven months ago, which will mean that the information I give will be nothing compared to information given by full-time bloggers.

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1. identify your goal

Do you want to become a lifestyle blogger? Maybe you’re interested in fashion, beauty, or want to share the places you travel to in your travel blog. Or, maybe you just want to start a blog, no matter your niche. I am not a believer of niches. I don’t think that blogs should be categorized as a “beauty”, “lifestyle”, “fashion”, or “travel” blog; in fact, I don’t even like calling myself a blogger.

Whether you have a specific niche in mind or not, I it’s important to know the purpose of why you’re blogging. For me, I started blogging back in 2015 because I loved creating websites (for fun) and writing about anything and everything. When I started enjoying traveling and taking more photos, it gradually transformed into a travel photo journal. However, your purpose could be making an income, promoting your business, or even creating an online diary like me.


The first thing you should do after identify your goal is to choose your domain name and hosting. Although I rebranded my blog, I still think that choosing a domain that you know you will stick with for a long time. You can use the domain checker below to make sure the name you desire is available! If I .com domain is unavailable, you can always choose an alternative such as .co, .net, .org, etc.

As a blogger who’s been using Bluehost for a while, I definitely recommend to new bloggers. You are given a hosting account for one WordPress website in a plan low as $3.95 a month. I especially recommend Bluehost because they have a one-click WordPress install (which is crucial if you don’t know much about WordPress) and a FREE domain name when you register.


Once you buy a domain and hosting from Bluehost, you can click on “WordPress Tools” from the menu bar in your cPanel, then click on “New Install”. Then choose the domain your received, fill out the required information such as site title, username, password, and email. Do not put anything in the path category.

Once your WordPress install is successful, go ahead to and log in with the username & password you put when you installed.

4. decorate your blog & produce quality content

Once you installed and logged in, now it’s time to make it look good! Install a theme, customize it, and add some content. WordPress has been adding so many great free themes you can choose from, but you can also buy beautiful themes from other sources such as Themeforest. I personally started by searching “Best Free WordPress Themes” and found out that those third-party sources also created free themes for everyone to use. I personally like to use Themeforest because it has so many great themes for an affordable price.

Good quality content is another key factor to your blog. Don’t go around publishing a post with two photos (yes, there are bloggers who do that). The post is absolutely pointless if you title it “Travel Diary” and upload two pictures from your recent trip to New York. I want to know what happened when you visited, how you felt, and I definitely want to see more photos from your trip. If you just show me two photos, there’s a high chance that I will never come back to your blog.

other resources

I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I created multiple posts that many people got help or inspiration from. I have listed a few that got the most feedback, and I hope it helps your blogging journey.

this post contains affiliate links to bluehost and themeforest.

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