Blog Your Passion & Blog With Passions

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Blogging about what you’re passionate about is the most important factor in blogging. Blog your passion & blog with passion is where you can converse with me one-on-one to help you to discover your niche and plan your content.

what will you get out of this?

general blog

We will go over the general aspects of your blog such as your branding, pages that you must have, and other important aspects of your blog that is visible to your audience.


We will also go over your content and look over the details of your blogposts, categories, tags, photography, graphics, and even email signature & content.

passion & future

The last thing we will discuss is your passion and the future of your blog. We will discuss what your unique selling point is, and how you can utilize your strengths.

pricing & payments

There will be three payments made of 25%, 25%, and 50%. The first 25% will be a payment made to reserve your spot on the calendar and to prevent those who take the information and run. The next 25% will be made halfway through the sessions and I will be sending you an invoice. At the end of the session, before the follow-up sessions, I will send you the remaining portion of 50%.

first 25% - $75

second 25% - $75

remaining 50% - $150


There will be a timeframe of one month. In that one month, you will be given a special and unique email of [] to contact to. I will be answering all your questions, giving feedback, and giving advice in that one month.

follow-up session

Two weeks after our last session , I will be having a 30 minute email conversation with you to follow up on how you have been doing. This will be a time to ask some other questions that you had before.

the process

let's get to know each other

Before we decide on a date, I will reach out to you via the email you provide in the contact form. I will take a look at your blog and start creating a personalized one-month program just for you. I will be sending a simple form that you can fill out so that I can get to know your struggles. In this time, you will also be paying your first 25% of the program.

let's decide on a date

After everything has been done and approved, we will decide on a starting date. This date will be the start date of the one month program, and I will send you all the details about your personalized program, payments, and what you need to do when we decide on a specific day to begin.

your customized email

When I receive the payment and we set our start date, I will be creating a unique [] email for you. You will be able to email me through that unique address and ask any questions. Once our one month ends, the email will be deleted after the follow-up program that happens two weeks after the program ends.

before the very first day

Before our very first day, I will be sending out a questionnaire for you to fill out. This is so that I can learn more about you and your blog, and also to understand what areas of your blog you are especially struggling over. Even though I will be going over your entire blog over the course of one month, it is important for me to know so that I can focus on those areas even more.

why me?

You may ask why you should purchase this session from me. I completely understand. I don't think I would want to spend nearly a hundred dollars on a teenager who doesn't know what she's doing. As of now, there's no way for me to convince you that I am eligible to teach others about blogging. However, I am running this blog while being a full-time student going to school from 8AM to 7PM, being a content manager, and teaching tae kwon do. I know how to plan and utilize time and content efficiently for sure.

my goal

You and I will go over your entire blog and we will make changes and improvements together. By the end of the sessions, my goal is for you to know what you want to and are blogging about, creating great content that fits you, your brand, and you passion, and an amazing content schedule that you can utilize. My goal is not to motivate you. Motivation is very important, but when it comes to giving advice, it’s probably not the best. My goal is to teach you new information so that you can start motivating yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

I value my work and time, and I value yours as well. I am giving you one month of my time to interact, give feedback, and give advice. I will be answering all your questions to the best of my abilities, and I really value that quality time I communicate with you.

are you interested?