Sentosa, Indonesia Photojournalism

When you go on vacation or any trip, there is always that one memory you tell everyone when you come back home; this is something like that. To me, this trip was building relationships, learning a whole new culture and photographing the happiness and joy of the people of this town. Because there isn’t many photos or things I can share, I decided to post a short photojournalism in hope that you can feel my feelings, think my thoughts and feel my excitement.


This photo was actually taken on the last day we were at Sentosa. We stayed over for New Years, and they had prepared a huge ceremony for 2016. We were able to see the beautiful costumes worn by the women we talked to and sang songs with. The girls that I had talked to and played with were now performing this beautiful dance in front of me as a farewell.


The dance was paired with a band that played with beautiful instruments. The song was light and cheery, and the instruments were made by the musicians themselves.

Because this whole post is made up of unedited photos, I tried to find an unedited version of this photo but I couldn’t find it. The top three photos were from the last day of the trip when they treated us with their traditional dance and music. The photos below are from when we conversed and built relationships with the village children. Some of them aren’t smiling, but I swear that they all had a good time haha.

Below are the pictures of the children of the village. We played games with them, talked to them and just socialized with them for the three days that we were there. I remember when we first entered the village, there was a line from one side of the soccer field to even into the house we were staying in to shake hands with each of us, and I was impressed at there mannered culture. Even on New Year’s, we stood next to the pastor to shake hands with everyone who came to the church.

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