Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, California

On a very rainy day, my family and I decided to go on an exciting adventure and drive all the way to Pacifica, California. Exciting, right? Though we were absolutely drenched when we came back home, we got to see pretty interesting things in Rockaway Beach. For your information, Pacifica is a city in San Mateo County California and is located between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Rockaway Beach was that it was pouring. You can’t tell by the photographs, but my camera was getting soaked despite the protection from my jacket and umbrella. The next thing I noticed was the surfers on the beach. What? I seriously had to check a couple of times to make sure that they were real people.

The waves were very big due to the weather, yet the surfers didn’t stop. There were so many incidents when my mom and I got scared when the surfer wouldn’t come up for a few seconds, wondering if we should call the ambulance. Thankfully, all the surfers were alive by the time we left.

Yes, all the little black dots you see in the photograph below are actual people who surf. The pictures are zoomed to the max, which explains the disgusting quality of the photo.

Because the surfers had caught my attention, I didn’t look at the landscape of Rockaway Beach until a while later. The rocks next to the waters complemented each other very well and the dark sand even gave a smilier vibe to Black Sand Beach, Hawaii.

Despite the pouring rain, Rockaway Beach was absolutely gorgeous. I probably stood still for a whole minute just absorbing the atmosphere – the sound of the huge waves, the sound of thick raindrops tapping against the floor, and the shouts and cheers from the surfers.

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Usually, rain drains out all colors from the world. It is the symbol of sadness (at least in movies) and I never knew that it could have so much color. The blue ocean, red-orange cliffs and rocks, and the gorgeous green collaborated together to make such a beautiful landscape.

Pacifica, California is definitely an underrated area. Everyone who visits the Bay Area usually only take a look at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, but don’t understand that there’s so much more beauty around. I’m sure that Rockaway Beach has so much more beauty on a bright and sunny day, and I definitely recommend visiting if you have a little more time to spare.

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