Riding The Ferry To Nami Island

Nami Island is a place a couple must visit; it is considered a very romantic and family-friendly place. I visited in the summer, and though it was beautiful, its best is during fall and I cannot wait to visit again someday. As it is an island, you have to ride a ferry for about 10 minutes to reach this place.

prices (us conversions are estimations)

Normal adult: 10,000 won ($8.61 US dollars)
Middle/high school students or anyone with a student ID card that is currently in use, adults over 70 of years, foreigner with a passport, etc: 8,000 won ($6.89 US dollars)
3-13 years of age: 4,000 won ($3.44 US dollars)

To ride the ferry, you just wait in line for a couple minutes or even less if you avoided the peak times. Nami Island has a very interesting history, and I’ll be making sure to write a separate post about it since it’s simple yet complicated.

The view on the ferry was absolutely stunning; there were multiple low mountains full of green trees that layered on top of each other. The lake that surrounded the island was so calm and peaceful, and I often saw small kayaks and small boats.

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On the ferry, small brochures were handed out to each person, family, or couple. There were different copies in different languages and contained little things that the visitors could do in Nami Island.

The sunlight, clear sky, the lake, and green trees created a beautiful composition that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Green, especially forest green, is my favorite color and Nami Island was filled with many beautiful shades of green and I was immediately obsessed.

Looking through the pictures in the brochure, I my eyes immediately went to a beautiful capture of Nami Island during fall and winter. The lake and trees were covered with color in fall, and covered with snow in the winter. Korea is one of the rare countries that have all four seasons – beautiful blossoms in spring, a hot summer, colorful fall, and snowy winter.

Though it didn’t rain, the sunlight and the lake seemed to create a beautiful rainbow across the lake. No clouds, no rain, just the combination of light and the lake’s reflection that created such a stunning view. The little boat and beautiful trees in the background was just a bonus.

After the ten minutes passed, the ferry dropped everyone off onto Nami Island and left for the second group of people. Because we rode the ferry during lunchtime, we expected not many people to be in Nami Island, but we were greeted by hundreds of people just trying to push through the crowd.

Nami Island was such a blast, and though I have a post on it already, I recently edited the photos again and I’m feeling motivated to write more about it. The quality of my content has improved incredibly since I started blogging about a year ago, and I’m a strong believer of recreating old work. I’ve been organizing a few things for my blog, and I’m beyond excited to share it with everyone!

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