Yesterday, my domain was hacked and my whole website was deleted. It was a problem that I have never faced and it was something definitely to learn from. I was devastated when I found out that I had to start over, not because I spent hours coding and customizing this website, but because there were thousands of words that I have written, gone. I was shocked for a few minutes, unable to think. But soon, I was acting weirdly calm during the situation. It then came to me; I pressed the restart button. Of course, not intentionally, but my choice to delete everything than Β spend hundreds of dollars to revive the website was the decision to press the restart button.

It’s still surreal that thirty of myΒ most precious memories that I decided to write about are gone, but it became a new start to something I never tried. Of course, I have no ideas what it is, but I’m hoping that due to this situation, my thoughts and actions will improve. So yes, I am restarting. I still don’t know if this restart button was a good idea or not, but it did happen so why not make the most of it? I’m a human being and human beings learn and grow every day. We make mistakes, but we look back and try not to make the same mistake. Since I did make a few many mistakes that I had made previously, I will make it a goal to improve.


1. Think more when writing. (I used to literally just write everything fromΒ the top of my head)

2. Don’t use the same photos over and over again.

3. Travel more, adventure more, explore more.

4. Having a blog isn’t something to be ashamed about, don’t go hiding it from you friends.

5. Stop thinking that you are the best, because you are definitely not.

6. This list is not a joke, be serious about it.

7. Interact more with readers and other bloggers.

8. Continue to learn and grow from other people

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