Point Reyes, California

On one weekend,  my family and I decided to pay Point Reyes in San Francisco a little visit. The beach that stretched out to the skylines were just beyond gorgeous.


Walking towards the lighthouse, some travelers found a family of deers eating grass on the drylands next to the shore. The blue water and the deer, staring off to the vast land, was just beautiful. Because I’ve had so many people ask if the photo below was edited, I will clarify here. No, this photo is completely raw.


Everywhere I looked, the ocean was beyond gorgeous. Though the lighting of the day didn’t do any favor to photographers, the scene was eye-catching. Again, I couldn’t dare myself to edit these photos, so this is 100% raw as well.




Since seeing the lighthouse was the point of this trip, after hiking to the top, we tried to go. The lighthouse, however, was closed by the time we got there.

Though it took us the whole day to go to Point Reyes alone, I definitely don’t think that it was a waste. I recently wrote a draft about what traveling means, and it is 100% true that I love to travel to photograph. Photography is why I sacrifice a whole Saturday to stay in the car and sacrifice my time, money and energy. In conclusion, it’s not travel itself that intrigues me to travel, but photography that does.

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