Newport Beach Photojournalism

My family and I went on a seven hour journey to Los Angeles. We went to visit family friends from San Diego and another family from Hawaii, but before we met them, we decided to go explore a beach called Newport Beach. Let me say, it wasn’t the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen – I lived in Hawaii for three months, you’ve got to understand. However, the pictures turned out beautiful and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The picture below is probably my favorite shot from that day. Though I took so many pictures of beaches, I never photographed the whole beach in one frame – I always zoomed up to take the shot. This picture was a new experiment and experience for me and I’m very satisfied with the result.

I personally don’t like this picture as much because people are a little cropped in, but this perfectly shows how white and innocent-looking this beach was. Los Angeles was very much like Korea; the air is very polluted so the sunsets are really red. The beaches are similar as well; they were mostly white without much color and had lots of people. At least it was for a person who comes from a small town near San Francisco.

Here’s a picture of my mom who was looking into the ocean. Don’t be fooled by this picture: she ran away screaming because my brother pretended to push her into the ocean the next moment.

I also encountered this little friend here and he decided to stay still and pose for this shot until I was literally one feet away from him.

There where also lots of people fishing at the beach. The smell was absolutely disgusting, but it looked like the children were having lots of fun fishing with their parents.

Here’s an example of a classic photo I usually take. You can see that it’s similar with the photos I took from Kings Beach. I also talked about how my photography style changed over the year in my post 9 Countries & 13 Cities. I do know that photography style doesn’t have to do with capturing that moment during travels, but I feel satisfaction when I capture the landscape right as how my eyes saw them, or even better.

At the beach, there were so many people enjoying the beautiful scenery and friends, dogs, and everyone just laughing and playing around. I never photographed a beach with so many people in it because I was always traveling to hidden or places that weren’t as known, but I couldn’t avoid all the people living in Los Angeles.

The people looked like they were having so much fun and had so much energy. Though I was tired from a seven hour drive, looking and photographing people who were having a blast boosted up my energy.

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