New York Day 2: Empire State Building

After the visit to the 9/11 Memorial and museum, my family and I ate lunch in the shopping mall right in front. (The picture below isΒ notΒ the shopping mall haha). The buildings around the memorial were soaring high up into the sky, a scenery I can’t even imagine in the small town I come from in California.

The mall wasn’t very crowded when I visited, but there weren’t many free tables around. Luckily, we found a few places and chose the coolest one – it was a hot day. The mall had a clear glass ceiling and palm trees in the middle of the mall. Even the trees looked like it comfortably fit in the mall – pretty much explains how big this building was.

The food court had a variety of choices to choose from, and we simply ate a tuna sandwich (it was so good!).

From the food court, we walked to the Empire State Building. Though it wasn’t a long walk, the streets were heavily crowded and I wasn’t able to photograph the process. If you search up Empire State Building from where you are on Google, you’ll find a route to walk pretty easily.

When I arrived, the view was absolutely stunning. Since I came from a flat and quiet city in the Bay Area, this was definitely a new scenery for me. The buildings that looked gigantic from the ground looked as if it were nothing where I was standing. The cars and people passing by, though if I was in the middle it would be loud, seemed so peaceful.

We went to the top of the building (not the highest, but where most people visit). The view of the city from the building was simply breathtaking, I probably stood there for an entire minute just starting at the scenery in front of me. The busy streets where people and cars were packed with looked so small and peaceful from up there.

The buildings staying still and cars honking to move forward – the peaceful yet hectic life was drawn in my mind while looking down from the Empire State building. It looked like one whole piece of cinematograph.

An entire neighborhood, streets that I was pushed around in, and all the tall buildings that I saw when we were driving from the airport looked so small. It was definitely a time for me to realize how small, yet big this world is. It’s a small world in that we’re so well-communicated, at least in the concentrated cities. However, it’s so big in that even if Β I come up to this high building and look down at the streets and life that looks so tiny in front of me, it doesn’t fit even one hundredths of the entire Earth.

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The numbers of buildings in front of me were countless, and I simply stood, just gawking at the view. I went up and down the deck multiple times, trying to catch the sunset to photograph. Unfortunately, my family and I planned a Broadway musical night, the “Phantom of the Opera” beforehand, so I had to leave and miss the sunset.

Despite it all, the view from the Empire State Building was something I could never forget. The feeling as if I were at the top of the world, the peaceful wind blowing against my cheeks, and the healing I received by just looking at the scenery shown in front of me.

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