Napa Valley Photojournalism

Located between the busy city of San Francisco and the capital of California, Sacramento, Napa Valley is a beautiful area where you can get a taste of both nature and wine. I personally don’t think Napa Valley is perfect for family vacation, speaking from experience. However, when my parents grow older, it’s a place I definitely want to go with them to enjoy the calm and peaceful scenery, with a glass of wine.

There are so manyΒ wineries you can choose from, but my family and I visitedΒ Castello di Amorosa. The view of and from the castle was beautiful, and it really felt magical just walking around it. I was honestly very disappointed when my parents announced that we were going to Napa Valley; I’m a teenager, what do you expect? However, the moment I arrived in Napa Valley, I started running around trying to capture everything around me.

There were so many interesting rooms in the castle, and I absolutely loved this dining room with an antique chandelier above it. The paintings on the walls were so beautiful, and it was a shame that we weren’t allowed into the room. Of course, for security reasons I understand, but it would have been amazing to be able to see the paintings up close.

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Outside the castle, I found some chickens walking around – why not snap a picture of them?

I was absolutely amazed by the interior of the castle. The courtyard that was in the middle of the castle was so peaceful – probably because everyone was underground tasting wine. Because I was underaged and couldn’t drink, I explored around and photographed the courtyard.

We toured around the winery and explored around to see how wine was made. To be honest, I didn’t really pay close attention because it had nothing to do with me, but I regret it now that I recently had to write a paper about the history of wine.Β Oops.

If the courtyard was airy and calm, the underground was a whole different story. The whole place was dimly lit with many tables in between to sit on. It was full of souvenirs that you can purchase, wine bottles, and wine glass.

There were quite a few counters where you could taste-test a variety of different wines. The worker would give you a list of wine names you could choose from, and they would pour some into your wine glass for you to taste.

I loved Napa Valley’s landscape and its wineries, but I don’t recommend it to families with children or teenagers. I definitely saw a lot of children complaining that they want to go home, and I think parents would want to taste wine without worrying about their children. On the other hand, I saw many couples, both young and old, coming to Napa Valley and enjoying their time.

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