Nami Island, South Korea

Out of all the places I’ve been to, Nami Island was the one place I wish I stayed longer in. Nami Island is a small island in South Korea that is told to be the home of General Nami’s grave. Despite the un-cheerful name, the island is known to be one of the most romantic places in South Korea.

We started off our journey by riding a small ferry from mainland to the island, which took about 7-10 minutes.


_MG_5423 _MG_5424 _MG_5447

Once we arrived, we were greeted by hundreds of couples, families, friends and foreigners. The island was pretty big, so I saw some people riding bikes, open-tour buses and seaways to travel around.


When we reached the road surrounded by tall and green trees and balloon-shaped lanterns, I was awestruck. I have never seen a place this beautiful and gorgeous and I couldn’t take my off of the scenery.

_MG_5464 _MG_5476 _MG_5481 _MG_5484

After walking around a bit, we decided to settle down on a cute cafe that had a beautiful interior.

_MG_5520 _MG_5527 _MG_5539 _MG_5540 _MG_5541

After a good rest, I went off on a journey to achieve my goal of taking pictures of animals, of course. I found rabbits, Korean squirrels (also known as chipmunks in America) and a very beautiful peacock.

Here are some animal pictures.

_MG_5545 _MG_5547 _MG_5548 _MG_5587 _MG_5650 _MG_5652 _MG_5653

It’s a known fact that I post these photos all the time on my Instagram and my blog. Nami island is definitely the one place I would love to go back to next year.


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