How I Manage Blogging and School

Though school is difficult, so is blogging.. As a sixteen year old girl living in California, I have the pleasure to do both. It’s definitely hard, and I had my own failures while doing both, but I definitely feel like I have my own routine now that I’ve been doing it for over a year. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been receiving more and more emails about how I “do it”. I know that there are so many other bloggers who juggle school or work and blogging at the same time, so I created a few things I do to organize myself.

create an editorial calendar

I mentioned this in “If I Were To Create My Blog Again”, and I can’t stress enough about how important this is. Not only does this allow you to organize what you will be posting, it allows you to create more ideas and stay ahead of schedule. I like scheduling my posts to publish every three days, and I have other categories such as “Sponsor/Affiliate?” for a reminder that I should put a disclaimer on the bottom of the posts.

There are so many other ways to create an editorial calendar, and it’s definitely my number one tip to organize your blog. Now, how does that have to do with school? This helps me spend less time worrying about blog posts as I used to stay on my blog for more than three hours just trying to come up with blog posts. Creating this calendar took less than thirty minutes and I was able to organize blog posts in a visual way.

As of today, I have four posts scheduled, ready to be published. To schedule a post (on WordPress), you can click the “edit” button next to “Publish immediately” and change the month, date, year, and time according to your need. I usually like to use 00:00 for the time.

have one day every two weeks for your blog

Just like travel, sports, or even reading, blogging is a hobby. Don’t we all dedicate a day once in a while just for that one thing we love to do? Well, since your blog is your hobby, this is definitely what I recommend you to do.

First, identify when your free days are
Whether it’s on a Friday night, Sunday afternoon, or even Wednesday morning, identify that one day you always find yourself blanking out and doing nothing.

Create an alarm to remind yourself
Once you found out when that day is, create a repeating alarm to remind yourself each (or every other) week.

Set goals you want to accomplish that day
Either it’s writing up two posts or fixing that html issue that has always been bothering your, create a list of goals that you want to reach by the end of that day.

Personally, I like to divide up the work in days where on one day, I would focus on writing posts, another day, I would be editing photos, and other days, I would be working on my blog design or promoting posts.

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wake up earlier

Yes, this is probably the worst thing you could say to someone who’s trying to juggle multiple things. However, we all know that we don’t have enough hours in a day to do everything we want. I’m not saying you should wake up at 5AM every single day to blog. When you have days you happen sleep few hours earlier, try to set up an alarm to wake up at least an hour or two earlier. Start your day faster, and at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself with time to work on your blog before you go to bed. This definitely depends on what you do and what your situations are, but I always surprised myself on how much time I have at night when I start my day earlier.

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  • Hi Grace!
    This is a super helful post, sometimes managing blogging and school is a bit of a juggling act. Especially when you have lots of exams or assignments. I always try to have a few posts ready, incase I don’t get time to write the one I have scheduled. The point about setting aside some time is a great one, hadn’t though of that before and I will have to give it a go this week.
    Thanks for the post, can’t wait to see more of what you have written when I get a chance.

  • Nice, I appreciate that you included a snippet of your editorial calendar! I’ve read about that tip elsewhere, but I never knew what the calendar should entail to keep me organized…

    Also, colleges will LOVE that you’ve been maintaining a blog with school! Seriously, they’ll eat that up. I’ve had a college course where we were required to create a website and record the data and analytics. You’ve already gotten the upperhand!

    Kim |

  • Ooh I really needed this! This is super helpful Grace! Sometimes I just accidentally leave my blog to sit and rot for months and then I check to see when I last posted and I’m like… woah.

  • Thank you you so much for these useful tips! It’s so great that you are able to manage blogging and school together. A great inspiration!

  • nice tips! very organized and neat too. this is a helpful post to those who lead a busy life, whether they’re in school or not. when i was still in college, i never had trouble balancing blogging and college though even though i did it without planners or anything like that. but now, i’m all about writing down blog ideas that pop into my head just so i can get a vision on what post to write next. i personally can manage just fine without following a strict regulation of planning here and there but not everyone can do that (or maybe i’m just lucky?) so this is a very nice post.