Kings Beach Photojournalism

I love beautiful landscapes; that’s probably the reason why I travel. It’s not that I am a professional landscape photographer, but it’s just that when I go to a gorgeous place and take a gorgeous picture, I feel accomplished and satisfied. By now, you’ll know that I’m not the classic travel blogger who blogs about budget, luxury, etc., but I like to share the world through my photography. I am trying to write more of the classic travel posts, since it is one of the goals I made in my Income Report in October. But let’s give it a rest this time and enjoy these pictures.

Kings Beach

I ran around the beach trying to get as many pictures before the sun set, so some of them might be slightly blurry.

Kings Beach

I can’t get over the snow-covered mountains in the back of this photo!

Kings Beach Kings Beach

This is probably my favorite photos out of all the pictures I took. The four-way path explains my current situation in life, and this picture conveyed the message perfectly.

Kings Beach Kings Beach img_6853

Photography is definitely the main reason why I love traveling so much. I can literally travel four hours for just a few photos, which is what I did when I went to Point Reyes. By no means am I a professional landscape or travel photographer, and I don’t plan on pursing photography as a career.

I took a pretty big break from blogging in November, and I scheduled all my past posts to reappear on the top of my blogs. But I’m back, better than ever. I am so excited for the next few weeks because I have some exciting posts coming up for December!

So I got a few messages from other travel bloggers who were offended by the line “I’m not the classic travel blogger who blogs about budget, luxury, etc.”. Please realize that I am in no way trying to degrade or offend you. I respect and love all travel bloggers!

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