Income, Traffic & Blog Report: July 2017

The month of July was very busy. With about a month left before the next school year, I was drowning with homework, projects, and studying. I successfully managed to publish a post every three days on my blog, but it was definitely with lots of time and dedication. I’m a little worried that I might not be able to keep up with this when school actually starts.

It’s true that I put too much on myself this summer – I had four AP class homework, two honors, ACT, online education, content manager work, and my blog. Though they’re difficult tasks, I really felt accomplished every single time I crossed something off of my list.

This month was pretty great regarding income as well. I think I did pretty well since I did take a break from blogging for a few months. I was surprised at the amount of reads I got on the first day of my return.


This month’s income report came as a surprise. I completely believed that I wouldn’t make anywhere close to my previous months since I took a break for a couple of months, but I thankfully came right on track.

bluehost affiliate: $135

adsense: $12.09

expenses: $0

total: $148.11


Traffic this month had ups and downs. When I published a post, I got hundreds of reads but they died immediately the next day. I guess it’s normal since I don’t have great SEO on my blog since it’s fairly new.

It was definitely a huge decrease from March 2017, the last time I checked my analytics, but I thankfully fixed the problem of having two tracking codes on my website that doubled my page views.

july 2017 analytics

march 2017 analytics


For the first time ever, I branded my blog. I created myself a logo, secondary logo, word mark, favicon, Pinterest icon, Pinterest graphic and Twitter graphic. I also chose one brand color (#787E7C → you can take a look at it here) for my accent color, and Futura – PT as my main font as well as Northwell for my accent font.

I’ll be honest – I’m not a graphic designer so this branding is very low quality and just for my sake of feeling organized and put together. I’m definitely thinking about rebranding entirely in the future – from website to logo.

favorite posts

My two favorite posts this month is “A Day In The Life Of A Student Blogger” and “Visiting The Niagara Falls In Ontario, Canada”. I began to write a little more about my life and my lifestyle on my blog, and I’m enjoying the process of sharing my life on my website. Sharing the place where I grew up on my blog was an extremely new and enlightening experience as well.

monthly takeover

This was probably the busiest month of my summer vacation, and I now only have two more weeks of summer left before school starts. I tried my best to fit everything in this summer, but I’m a little skeptical if I was able to finish it all.

I think this month was pretty successful, and I can’t believe it’s already been almost five years since I’ve started blogging. I started when I was thirteen on some yahoo blog back in the day, then to Blogspot, then Wix, and now WordPress. I sometimes surprise myself at how much I’ve grown in the past five years and I can’t wait for what this blog will bring me for the next five years.

My only hope for this new school year is that I will be able to do everything I signed up for, run this blog, and finish creating the Creative Studentpreneur course as well.

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