Income Report October: $67.03

Before I begin, I am so excited to say that my “update” series got a new name! I first started this for September, but I felt like it was so random to put it out there. I got my first Bluehost affiliate sign-up yesterday, and I was surprised on how much I actually earned. Anyway, so many things have happened this month and I can’t wait to share it with you all. This month, I am happy to announce that I will be officially starting an income report! Though it’s a very small amount, I’m definitely happy that I’ve been earning something to help me run this blog.

income report

Sponsored Posts: $0

Bluehost Affiliate: $65 (Read how to start a blog here)

Google Adsense: $2.03

Famebit: $0

blog expenses: $0

total: $67.03

traffic report

Traffic this month was definitely less than my other months, but I don’t really have an area where I get a steady traffic. I do comment on other blogs, which is technically my main source of traffic. This month was very busy since teachers actually started giving work in classes, so I barely had time to create posts, interact with readers and comment on other blogs.

goals for november

1. Try to post more travel posts (This mean you have to get out of the house!!!!)

2. Make blog graphics for every blog post (For Pinterest uses

3. Try to create posts that will give tips and will be helpful to travelers not just journals

4. Create an email list

5. Guest post on other blogs

6. Place more Bluehost links

7. Design a portfolio website

my favorite posts from October

1. San Francisco Photojournalism

2. A Day in Hongdae

My top (blog) reads this month

1. Living In Another Language

2. Polkadot Passport

3. Flying the Nest


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