Income Report November: $73.02

Wow, November has passed so quickly! I took a small break from blogging this month, and I rarely came online except for a few occasions. It felt nice to take a step back and focus on my school work and my studies. I also purchased a notebook for my blog to keep track of everything and be organized. On my free times, though I couldn’t travel, I focused on promoting my old travel posts and developing strategies for upcoming ones.


Sponsored Posts: $0

Bluehost Affiliate: $65 (Read how to start a blog here)

Google Adsense: $8.02

Station Seven: $0

Hello You Designs: $0

Free WordPress Hosting: $0


TOTAL: $73.02

traffic report

I saw a huge increase in traffic compared to my last month, now that I think about it. It started growing around mid-November when I took the time to promote my blog posts. The number of unique visitors almost tripled and I think that’s probably why my ads were making more than usual. I think that hitting 2,000 followers on Bloglovin’, starting to use Pinterest and 1,200 likes on Facebook also helped with my growth as well.

here’s last month’s traffic report


I’ve decided that until I check off everything on this list, I will not create more goals.

1. Try to post more travel posts (This mean you have to get out of the house!!!!)

So I’m not going to cross this out because even though I did travel, I took a small break from blogging so I’ll leave this to be until December.

2. Make blog graphics for every blog post (For Pinterest uses)

3. Try to create posts that will give tips and will be helpful to travelers not just journals

I’ve written a blog post for this goal and posting it soon so I guess that counts haha

4. Create an email list

Still trying to find the best mail service, content and working on an free Instagram Hashtags Guide to share:)

5. Guest post on other blogs

I wish an opportunity came! I sound like a hypocrite since I myself don’t look for guests to post on my blog.

6. Place more Bluehost links

7. Design a portfolio website

My Bluehost plan doesn’t have much storage, so I found a website that offers free WordPress hosting that I can use solely for my portfolio. (I’ve posted a tutorial here)


1. Kings Beach Photojournalism

2. A Day In San Francisco

3. Sentosa, Indonesia Photojournalism


1. Happy To Wander

2. I am Aileen

3. It Starts With Coffee

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