Income Report March: $194.30

March was an interesting month! I slacked off a bit, but then again, I had four projects at school to finish. With a busy schedule of school, homework, blogging, and testing, I’ll be honest – blogging became quite stressful. I wrote about how to manage both blogging and school back in February, but I think I’ll need to think of new techniques to manage my time.

Despite the hard month, I somehow managed to make the most income I have ever made ever since I started blogging. As my sixth income report, I’ve never seen my numbers this high on my blog – both income and traffic.


Sponsored Posts: $0

Photography: $80

Bluehost Affiliate: $65 (Read how to start a blog here)

Google Adsense: $49.30


TOTAL: $194.30

I still have no progress in sponsored posts; most of the companies who contact me want beauty or fashion product reviews on my blog, which I’m not interested in. As I am not a review blogger, I don’t see a point of one entire post of me writing about a random product that may or may not help others’ travel easier. Maybe it’s just me being stubborn, but I’m pretty certain that my readers won’t appreciate a random makeup brush review on my blog as well.

Despite not making a huge progress on sponsored posts, I saw an increase in Google Adsense – more than $15! Bluehost has been giving me a consistent sale since October, and I landed a photography gig through my blog a few weeks ago. It was for a private photoshoot (which is why I can’t share the photos), but it was my first time getting paid to photograph and do what I love.

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traffic REPORT

I’m not sure if this is normal, but I noticed a bounce rate of 0.97%. As I’m not very knowledgable in technical vocabulary, but I know that it’s the percentage of visitors who leave my website after looking at one page. I guess if it’s lower, it’s better?

Anyway, I saw another big leap in page views, a slight decrease in users and sessions, and similar percentages in the ration of new visitors and returning visitors.

here’s last month’s traffic report


I surprised myself and finished all of the goals I made in February, which is very rare.

1. Work on website branding

2. Ride the train to San Francisco for a solo day-trip

3. Write at least 10 posts this month (What?!)

4. Make sure all posts are at least 600 words long (for SEO)



Blog updates

Except for minor changes in coding and color, I didn’t make changes to my blog yet. I did try changing my accent colors to white and green rather than white, grey, and light black, but I still liked the simple look that my blog had that helped the colors of my photos pop. I’m still working on site speed, but I moved all of my media files to subdomain so that this website would be faster.

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  • Hey lovely,

    Don’t want to burst your bubble but if your bounce rate is that low it generally (but not always) means the Google Analytics code is installed twice. 🙂 This is a common problem so don’t sweat! An ideal bounce rate is around 60% but I found with the rise of my Pinterest (quick clicks) numbers and click-happy/short attention span people (especially aged under 30!) then my bounce rate hovers around 80-86%. I try to use ‘time on site’ and – more importantly – how many pages they are visiting as a measure of if my content is keeping people engaged or if they are switching off. 🙂

    It does mean it’s likely your page views will drop (as currently, it’s reporting 2x the numbers) but you seem to be kicking butt both numbers and income wise so I’m sure you’ll regain the ground steadily.

    Keep up the fab work on your blog and good luck with scoring more photography gigs you rockstar!
    If you ever need someone to chat mixing Uni with the blogger life (lyf? :p) let me know. 😉

    (PS: Hope I haven’t overstepped my position as a reader!)

    • **correction: sorry, I’m a goober. I should have said school as I’m at Uni and I understand you are at school (I just read that *face palm* Sorry!**

    • Hey Nicole,
      I didn’t know that could be the problem! Thanks for letting me know – I’ll be on the hunt to where the other tracking code may be haha.
      I’m actually sixteen, which means I’m still in high school! I’m graduating in two years and hopefully by then, I’ll be used to handling both blogging and school!
      Thank you so much for your help!

      Best regards,

  • This is such an interesting post! It’s cool to see how bloggers generate their income – I haven’t quite hit the mark where I make money from my blog yet so this is great for my research in taking a step in that direction!

    xoxo Yna |

  • wow, this is a lot of income for me haha. good job! i’ve received several emails offering sponsored post too but they’re all fashion collab requests. i don’t get it. i need money but i won’t turn my blog into a clickbait chamber, never.

    speaking of, have you ever written a post detailing what you do to monetize this blog? i think i have read it before but i forgot. my memories might be playing a trick on me haha

    • Hey Elise! (btw, I absolutely fell in love with mlkbox!)
      I didn’t I wrote a post about monetizing your blog yet. All I have done is help bloggers, both new and experienced, to find direction for their blog. Throughout, I’ve been linking Bluehost affiliate links so that new bloggers could get started.

      Once I establish a method on how to really earn money through my blog content, I will write a post about it! Thank you so much for the idea:)