Income Report January: $147.33

This month was a hectic month; I tried new things which both failed and succeeded. Though I couldn’t travel at all and broke my camera, it was a great month overall. My income has definitely increased, and I was able to actually receive the payment. When I actually saw the payment in my PayPal account, I was able to finally realize that I made money. It made me feel like an adult I guess? I don’t know, but it was a nice feeling. Then I thought about college tuition.

There were many changes I made this month, especially on the design and graphics of my blog. I changed my blog header, and learned some simple CSS and made many changes that only I probably know. I changed the width and hover-effect of buttons and styled up my links a bit. Another big improvement I saw on my blog was engagement. Before this month, I was able to reply to every single comment that I received, but I wasn’t able to reply at all this month because I couldn’t find the time to reply to 20+ comments each day. It doesn’t seem much in numbers, but if you actually try to read and reply to every single comment, your eyes start hurting very quickly.


Sponsored Posts: $0

Bluehost Affiliate: $130 (Read how to start a blog here)

Google Adsense: $17.33


TOTAL: $147.33

Though I’ve been consistently making one referral for Bluehost since October, this month was the first time I referred two. This definitely boosted up my income and I also saw a small improvement in Google Adsense from December.

traffic report

My traffic went down this month, but I still saw a huge improvement from October and a small improvement since November. I saw an increase in organize search thanks to my post on the Hilton Garden Inn, and saw a small decrease in social media.

here’s last month’s traffic report



1. Work on increasing page speed

2. Update about page

3. Update legal page

4. Update contact page

5. Stick to one Pinterest graphic design

6. Optimize images


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