Income Report February: $163.58

I can’t believe February’s already over – it still seems as if 2016 was a few days ago. It has now been over a year since I started blogging, and it feels surreal how dedicated I’ve been to this blog. Though I’m not the best writer or photographer, it’s been such a blessing to gain supportive readers and make many friends along the way.

I’ll be honest – I don’t have much helpful or great content on Though I’ve been trying to post consistently, I’ve been struggling to create travel posts when I haven’t been traveling. My posts aren’t helpful which means that people don’t read it as much as ones that are helpful – that’s why I write about blogging. Not only do I love writing about what I love to do, but I learned so many things over the past year that I want to share with those who are just starting out.

I’ve been making a consistent amount from Bluehost, which is my main source of income. I’ve been talking to those who email me for advice one-on-one, helping them start from just wanting to start a blog to having a goal and taking action. I loved talking to every single one of you who emailed me, and if you have any blogging questions (picking a niche, staying consistent, etc.), don’t be afraid to email me at


Sponsored Posts: $0

Shop: $0

Bluehost Affiliate: $130 (Read how to start a blog here)

Google Adsense: $33.58


TOTAL: $163.58

I was able to stay within the $100 mark this month as well! Though some bloggers are earning so much more each month, as a student who blogs, this is a pretty big amount. I also saw a pretty big jump in Google Adsense as well – from $17.33 to $33.58.

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traffic REPORT

I am so proud of myself this month because I successfully followed my editorial calendar. I planned to post every three days, and I didn’t miss one single day. I was definitely more consistent than my other months where I wouldn’t post for quite a while. I definitely surprise myself at how much I loved writing posts and the amazing feeling of pressing the schedule button on a complete post.

here’s last month’s traffic report


1. Work on increasing page speed I finally installed a cache plugin which sped up my site. Optimizing my images also helped a bunch. As it works great for me, I really wish it works for everyone.

2. Update about page I’ve been meaning to do this for such a long time! Information about me and my blog was way overdue and I’m so glad I got it done.

3. Update contact page Another page that I’ve been meaning to tackle since the beginning of time.

4. Update legal page I thought this page would be very out of date, but I was surprised at how much I didn’t have to change. Then again, there’s only 168 words in the page.

5. Stick to one Pinterest graphic design Yes, this was probably the hardest one yet. I’ve been changing my Pinterest graphic designs so much, but I finally found a design I like.

6. Optimize images Whoop whoop!


1. Travel Photos and Stories

2. Nami Island Photojournalism

3. How To Start A Blog In 4 Steps

Blog updates

I now have a home page with a short introduction of myself, three of my latest posts, a world map with clickable countries, and three of my latest travel photojournalisms. I also changed the typography of my website. It’s been a struggle in the past couple of weeks because every time I viewed my website on a different computer, it showed completely different fonts than I used when I customized it. I think finally fixed this problem, and I’m just hoping that it works out.

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