Income Report December: $59.38

When I started blogging in mid January of 2016, I never thought that I could make an income out of it. It’s amazing how I’ve been consistently making a small income every month since October! You can read my income reports here. My finals are over, I was able to maintain all A’s this semester, and I decided to get a little more organized with my life. I created myself an editorial calendar for my blog to organize what to post when, and so I didn’t spend so much time on my blog trying to get things figured out. I’ve also been hearing that my income reports have been encouraging other small bloggers, and I couldn’t be happier to hear the news. I wish luck to every blogger out there for the year 2017!


Sponsored Posts: $0

Bluehost Affiliate: $65 (Read how to start a blog here)

Google Adsense: $7.37

BLOG EXPENSES: $12.99 (domain name)

TOTAL: $59.38

traffic report

This month was a blast! I really don’t know what happened, but I passed my long-time goal of reaching 10,000 page views per month. When I blogged on Wix, it took me four months to get a total of 200,000 page views and most of it was me. I spend hours of my free time trying to make it look nice, write content, etc.

here’s last month’s traffic report


1. Try to post more travel posts (This mean you have to get out of the house!!!!)

I finally went out of the house!! After finals were over, we had so much free time and couldn’t wait to leave.

2. Make blog graphics for every blog post (For Pinterest uses)

3. Try to create posts that will give tips and will be helpful to travelers not just journals

4. Create an email list

I never thought that this day would come, but I actually created an email list!

5. Place more Bluehost links


1. 9 Countries & 13 Cities

2. Efficiently Packing Your Suitcase + Free Checklist

3. Kings Beach Photojournalism


Unfortunately, I was unable to read many blogs this month. Hopefully, I will get the chance to discover and read more blogs in 2017!

pin this

I totally forgot to include this, but I rebranded! You can read why I rebranded here.
This post also contains affiliate links to which I may receive a profit from if you purchase their product. However, it does not cost you anything at all and keeps this blog running.

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