The Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort

The Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort was probably one of my favorite experiences in Hawaii. I actually lived in Hawaii for around three months due to a program called YWAM our family joined. This post, however, is from a year before, when I visited Hawaii from the first time. The fourteen year old in me was definitely excited to be taking pictures of the wonderful place, and little did I know that I was actually going to have to be stuck in a hotel all week.

The resort was where my dad had a conference, and they paid for our rooms as well, which was why we had bought our tickets. We were unprepared to travel around and didn’t even rent a car to roam around. My dad was in the conference almost all day and my mom wasn’t as skilled of a driver he was, so my brother and I had to stay in the resort all day. But interestingly, it turned out to be the best hotel experience I ever had.

The first day in the hotel, we ordered some delicious breakfast with eggs, baked potatoes, toast and some fruits. It was my first time ordering any kind of food in a hotel (sad, I know) and I believe it was my last. We ordered a breakfast for three, which was enough to feed two adults and two growing teenagers.


The entire village was transportation friendly with a tram that went from one end of the hotel to the other end, and a boat trail that went beside. I remember I was so excited to walk around the village, exploring by myself. I mean, I was fourteen years old and all I did was walk to and back from school.


There were also so many interesting things and activities located everywhere in the resort. I kind of fell in love with a parrot that was on a tree branch in the side of the entrance building. I’ve never seen a parrot this close in real life before, and the fact that it wasn’t in a cage definitely caught my eye. When I spotted the location, I hurriedly went up and took shots of the parrot. The lady who was taking care of the parrot was kind enough to let me stay there for a few (maybe a little more) minutes.


My dad felt sorry for me and my brother that we had to stay at the hotel all week, so he gave us a huge present that I would never forget; dolphins! No, he didn’t buy us dolphins but there was an activity where we could go in a secluded section to take a look at dolphins a little closer and hang out with them.


On the last day in Hawaii, my dad decided to ditch the conference and rented a car to explore around us. The drive was beautiful from start to finish and we even went to the black sand beach and had a wonderful time.


Please keep in mind that this trip was in 2015. I have gone back to the very place multiple times while I was living in Hawaii. This post is not sponsored by the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort and I did not received any compensation by writing this post.

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