Guide To Bloglovin’ + Tips For Followers

When I wrote about what I’d do if I were to start my blog all over again, I mentioned an amazing RSS feed platform called Bloglovin’. I’ve received so many messages after mentioning the platform on how to use it, and I decided to create a guide to utilizing the website. I am definitely a regular user of Bloglovin’. It’s a great way to read and promote your content, and connect with your readers.

What is bloglovin’?

Bloglovin’ is a form of a RSS feed for your blog; it uploads your latest posts automatically to your blog’s Bloglovin’ page. As a reader, you will see the post on your feed and click on it to read it. There are two types of options you can choose to read: with the Bloglovin’ frame and without. It’s a great way to keep up with your favorite blogs and never miss a post.

You can choose how your feed can look like by clicking the three-dot icon.

Bloglovin’ also has a feature to explore in the platform, where you can discover new blogs and posts according to the niche. You can like posts and save them to a special collection that you can create.

How to add your blog with bloglovin’

You will first need to create a Bloglovin’ profile. You can do this by going to Bloglovin’ and signing up with your name and email.

Then go to your account profile, and click on “Claim Your Blog” or some sort of text that allows you to claim your blog. You can claim multiple blogs and if you have a magazine, multiple authors and accounts can claim the same blog.

To claim your blog, you have to insert your blog URL and copy & paste the HTML code that Bloglovin’ provides you to a new post, publish it, and click on “Claim” on Bloglovin’. After you are connected with your blog, you can delete the post with the HTML.

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Liking on bloglovin’

You can like your favorite posts to show the blogger that you’ve enjoyed the post. However, do keep in mind that your likes will be public and often will send a notification to users who are following you.

saving on bloglovin’

If the post sounds interesting to you and you want to read it later, you can always “save” the post to a collection. You can also categorize your favorite posts and go back to it later for reference. Just like your likes, your collections will be public to your followers and you can explore others’ collections as well.

Commenting on bloglovin’

This is a feature that came out after I started writing this post, but commenting is another great way to interact with your favorite bloggers. However, if you’re going to leave a comment about the content, it’s always better to do it on the website itself, not just on Bloglovin’.

a few changes I personally make

I’ve been using Bloglovin’ for a while now, and I have some changes that I made on my own account, and this is definitely up to the person’s preference.

Turn off the bloglovin’ frame

If you have an account, you can go here to make this change. I personally don’t like this feature because it slows my browser down, but I wish all my readers would do the same because the traffic goes to Bloglovin’ and not my website (in my personal experience). I would go to my blog analytics on Bloglovin’ and it would say “200” reads on one post this week, but only give me 10-20 site views on my blog analytics.

Use the grid view

This is another new feature that was added after I joined, but the grid view allows you to look at many posts at one time, so you can choose which one to read quickly than scrolling through the feed for hours.

turn off email notifications

You can go here to turn email notifications off. I personally do this because I get so many emails from Bloglovin’ and it clogs up my inbox, but you don’t have to do this if you like getting notifications about who followed you and what your favorite bloggers have been posting.

How to get followers on Bloglovin’

More followers on Bloglovin’ means more readers and traffic. It’s not a significant number, but if you have an active following, it will definitely help you grow your blog. I created an online eBook that you can download or view on your web browser. However, please keep in mind that these are only tips and will not guarantee followers.

if you already have access to the library, click here!

Download and get tips on getting followers on bloglovin’

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