Efficiently Packing Your Suitcase + Free Checklist

When I went around the world with my family, we had so many things in our suitcases. Plus, we had sixteen more people to travel with, five of them being children from ages one to nine. Not to mention that there was also myself and three other teenage guys who each carried a laptop. Traveling with that group, though it was fantastic, I learned some great packing tips to pack efficiently.

layout everything you need to pack

I didn’t do this before, but you should clean up a section of your floor, or in my case, we had to find newspapers to put because the floor was disgusting. You should then layout everything you need to bring to your trip and categorize them with that they’re used for; toiletries with toiletries, underwear with underwear.

figure out when you need specific items

For me, the first thing I do after a plane ride is to brush my teeth in the bathroom. When I get in the hotel or wherever I’m staying, I take a shower and wear comfortable clothing. It would only make sense that my toiletries will then be put in the outer pockets of my suitcase. I will then pack the comfortable clothing last so that I can take it straight out of the bag without going through every single piece of clothing. My dad always says, “If you’re going to use it first, pack it last”, and I couldn’t agree more.

separate items you need at the airport/in the airplane

If you need a spare shirt in the airport or if you need to brush your teeth in the plane, separate them from your layout. I’ve had multiple times myself when I suddenly needed something from my suitcase, so I had to open it in the middle of the airport (not literally though) and went through the items in my bag. Not only is it time consuming, but it’s annoying since you have to squish everything back together and zip your suitcase again.

Of course, you sometimes don’t know you’ll need something, and you can’t prevent that. However, you can make some predictions of what you might need and have a little section for them on a pocket of your suitcase.

make sure you’re not packing anything you should not

Though I’m not a minimalist, I say that the more minimal you are, the better when it comes to packing. Multiple times, I’d pack a book in my bag and some homework when I’m traveling and end up never taking them out. There are some people who read in the plane, cough cough, my dadbut most times, they’re extra baggage that you have to carry around.

efficiently packing your suitcase checklist

So I created a little checklist that you can use when you’re packing, and it’s the first of my many other things that I have planned to share with you. I created a little library which you can access anytime when you have the password.

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