Baker Beach, San Francisco, California

A while ago, I was searching around to find a place to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge and also have a fun time with my family. When I found Baker Beach, I was so excited to visit – all the pictures that I found online were beautiful and perfectly timed.

There wasn’t a huge mob of people on the beach, but it wasn’t quite peaceful as how I imagined. Kids were running around, teens were playing volleyball, and the worst of all for a photographer, the sunlight was harsh. It was very difficult for an amateur photographer like me to adjust the settings to the correct lighting, not to mention post-processing the images.

Worst of all, I shot all my photos in jpeg.Β Way to go Grace.

Despite all the struggles of taking photographs, Baker Beach really did have a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Unlike the hotspot for travelers who always go to the so-called ‘viewpoint’, it was much less crowded and gave a full view of the bridge. The beach was definitely a gorgeous element to have in the picture.

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There’s honestly not much to say about this beach other than the unique fact that you can see the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in the background. It’s definitely beautiful and has a great walk along the shore for families, friends, and couples to walk on. It’s a place I definitely want to visit for sunset or sunrise, or even on a foggy day.

If you are a first time visitor, I definitely recommend going to Baker Beach instead of the crowded hotspots. San Francisco itself is a very crowded city, and I think it should be great to spendΒ an hour or two on this beach, relaxing. It isn’t a long drive away from the main streets and not too crowded to feel overwhelmed.

Baker Beach is by far one of the best places to view the Golden Gate Bridge, and I repeat, if you’re a first-time tourist in the Bay Area, I recommend going to Baker Beach rather than getting pushed around in tourist hotspots.

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