Backyard Photojournalism

disclaimer: this post might not make sense at all. I literally wrote whatever came to my mind. if you want, you can ignore the writing and just look at the photos – i seriously recommend that.

The content in between photos include tweaked versions of my diary entries I wrote in my notes at 12AM on the days I couldn’t sleep.

I recently broke my camera when I went to Los Angeles. I’ve used my Canon EOS Rebel T5i for around four years now and I have already been thinking about saving up for a full-frame camera, so it didn’t really surprise me. But what really annoyed me this week without a camera was that I couldn’t take pictures when I wanted to. It’s very beautiful when it rains where I live, and I wanted to go out and photograph the landscape while and after it rained, but realized that I couldn’t use my camera. Of course, I grabbed my phone and snapped a few pictures, but I definitely realized how important my camera was to me.

I really love the photos I took right before I left for Los Angeles, and I thought that my  Photojournalism series would be the perfect way to showcase them. I live in a a townhouse/apartment-like building, and all three two-story buildings surround a small courtyard in front of the gate: that’s what I call my backyard. I always knew that my backyard had beautiful plants, but I simply passed them by every day when I came back from school.

I love blogging and I think it’s a wonderful way for me to share my life and read others’ lives. I met so many wonderful people along the way and I’ve learned so much through blogging. Yet, I’m still trying to figure out why I’m really blogging. Is it the writing or photography? I always wonder why I’m spending so much time and energy into this website. I can utilize the time to study and do something more productive, yet I’m sitting on my desk writing up a blog post.

I officially started my blog in mid-January of 2016, but I remember creating a few websites on Wix when I was around 13. I think the fact that I had a little space on the internet intrigued me. I still don’t know why I started blogging, especially travel blogging. Around two years ago, I despised writing and traveling; now, I’m making a small profit by doing both. Life has a way of turning things around: I guess blogging and traveling is one of them.

I was left dumbfounded when my camera broke because I couldn’t take and share travel photos on my blog. I love photojournalism because I can share the behind story of my photographs. It’s a known fact that a photographer gets attached to their photographs because they know the story behind it. However, the problem with this photo journal is that the story is very short and has already been shared.

Today, I definitely learned how difficult it is to be a blogger. You always need post ideas, and they have to be good. Of course, if you’re a full-time blogger, you’ll have more time than me to think and write a blog post. When inspiration runs out, I can’t imagine how stressing that would be as a blogger. That also makes me wonder: what inspires and keeps me inspired?

Maybe it’s because I’m still a teenager, or maybe it’s because I’m slowly going insane, but my thoughts are currently all over the place. Everything just stresses me out – from ACTs, group projects, homework, blogging issues, camera, and even my church life is on the edge. But what I know for sure is that this will pass by, and I will be living life like I normally do. Plot twist: I have no normal life.

I swear, I’m slowly going insane.

I thank and give a round of applause to anyone who actually read all of that up there. That was a combination of a bunch of things I wrote at 12AM in random days when I couldn’t sleep. No wonder it doesn’t make any sense, right? I try to be mature because that’s what everyone says about me and I guess I got tired. So, thank you for your patience and helping me release this mess of my teenage self. I definitely feel a lot better after pouring all that into one post. Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the photos!

disclaimer #2: this post contains an affiliate link to amazon, and i may profit from your purchases using the link. however, nothing extra will be charged to you.

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