hello, my name is grace

I am a sixteen year old traveling studentpreneur (student entrepreneur) living in the crowded state of California. Inspired by a year-long journey taken with my family, this journal is where I record my life. Anything from travel, photography, personal life, and blogging, it has it all. More than just a travel blog, more than just a portfolio, this journal is a testimony of my life as it grows with me.

I am a travel blogger

I write about my travels, share my travel tips, and showcase my travel photography. I’ve always been an avid traveler and I try my best to share my memories and experiences to the best of my abilities. As I am a student, I can’t travel as frequently but I always try my best to visit San Francisco – a city that is about an hour away from where I live.

Creative Studentpreneur
an online course for creative students who have or wish to start an online business