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2016 was a heck of a year for me regarding traveling. I went around so many places and I made so many memories with my family and the people I met. Sadly, while we were packing to move back to California, I lost the hard drive that contained most of my photos from October 2015. I was definitely upset about it, but it helped me learn that traveling isn’t all about the photos that I capture but the memory that my brain captures.

Here are all the countries that I’ve visited in 2016. Some will have pictures, some will not, but all the pictures in this post are taken by me, and please go to https://www.gracee.co/legal/ for more information.

I’m a person who remembers memories through photos. When I write posts about a place, I upload all the photos first, then start filling up the stories. For three countries, unfortunately, I don’t have the photos to show, so it’s hard for me to tell the story. Hopefully, I will be able to visit all three countries in the future and I will be able to share my adventures then.



helsinki, Finland

Prague, Czech republic

This city was seriously one of my favorite places I’ve visited in my whole entire life. The room that we rented was right in front of the Charles Bridge and the view was absolutely amazing. I sadly lost all the photos from this trip except for a few, and I’m taking it as God’s sign to tell me to visit again in the future. I’m not complaining about that one bit.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest’s landscape was one of my favorite. The picture below was taken on the Fisherman’s Bastion right when the sun was setting.

china (the picture is of north korea taken from china)

In March, my family and I went on a China vision trip where we drove along the China and North Korean border. It was a week-long trip and it was very difficult at times, but it was amazing to see the actual land of North Korea with my own eyes. As a Korean, I’ve always wanted to visit North Korea, and hopefully I will have a chance in the future.

nami island, south Korea

My favorite color is green, deep forest green, and Nami Island was the representation of my favorite color. We spent one full day on this island, and I’m wishing to visit again next summer.

jeju island, south korea

I went to Jeju Island in the springtime of 2016 and I think this was when I was obsessed with pastel tones, so I borrowed my mom’s orange jacket and created this “fake sunset look”. I remember spending hours on photoshop trying to blend the jacket to the background, and this is my final result.

sentosa, indonesia

I spent my last moments of 2015 and my first moments of 2016 in this small village. The people we met, the troubles we faced, and the memories we made will forever be precious in my heart. We drove 14 hours by car on an unpaved road to get to this place, and it was definitely one of the most difficult trips I ever went on my life, but I would love to visit there again. You can read more about this village here.

point reyes, california

We drove four hours to get to this place one weekend just to take pictures and refresh our head. This was when I went to school for the first time after a year of traveling, and this trip definitely helped me stay refreshed and love travel.

san francisco, california

When my mom’s friend came to California, we took a short trip to San Francisco and I begged them to go to Baker’s Beach where the bridge was beautifully visible next to the ocean. I’ve been to San Francisco multiple times while living in the Bay Area, but I never actually appreciated the city until now. Hopefully I’ll get to stay there for a few days in the future to thoroughly explore the city.

hongdae, south korea

This post is not chronological at all. I met Soo through Instagram around April, and we got to meet in person in June. We explored Hongdae in Seoul, going into coffee and juice shops, talking about our lives, and just spending a great time together. We still keep in touch and I’m counting down the days for us to meet again next summer. Maybe we’ll go to Nami Island together.

kings beach, california

This was my latest trip and you can read all about it here. My family and I were driving pointlessly until we noticed that the sun was almost setting so we dashed to the nearest place. Lucky for me, we arrived right before the sun set, so I was able to capture some stunning landscapes.

Looking back at all the pictures, I can definitely tell that my style in photography changed a lot. I was first into a very contrasted look, then pastel tones, and now, I love the look of a dark, moody landscape. My perspective of travel changed so much during the year as well. I used to think that I only travel for photography, and I don’t like traveling itself; however, I think that I travel to take photos to remember the trip. I’ve been feeding myself lies about traveling and I hope in 2017, I can be more true to myself and enjoy every moment of my 16th year.

special mention:

Though I didn’t realize until I went through my Bloglovin’ feed, I found out that Madi, a travel blogger behind The Restless Worker,  published a similar post. She had 27 days this year to travel, and she successfully saw 8 countries and 23 cities. I thought that I was the one who was too busy going to online and public school, but she was flying above me. I totally recommend checking her out here if you enjoyed this post.

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