8 Things I Learned in 8 Months of Blogging

When I first started blogging eight months ago, I was super excited, I tell you. I was excited to meet new people, get new opportunities and expand my thinking. But after eight months, I realized that most of all the things I hoped for when I first started blogging isn’t as I thought it would be. Today, I present, “8 things I learned in 8 months of blogging”.


Yes, I am exaggerating this a little bit, but in the eight months of blogging, I made one friend and a few acquaintances. Unless you go out and reach out to other people yourself, they won’t come to you. I have made a wonderful friend, Soo, who also has a blog called Hey, Soo Hyun. Meeting and making friends is probably one of the most important thing when you’re blogging and to meet people, you’ve got to reach out.


Seriously, when I first started blogging, I thought that I was going to be big. No kidding, I was so proud of everything I did and I was sure that thousands of people were going to come read my blog every day. Well, let’s just say that it took me half a year to reach 200k views, and I’m pretty sure mine were counted as well. People don’t just find your blog out of the blue, it takes time for people to find links that you post and take the time to read your blog; I found that out the hard way.


To be honest, every time I finish customizing a part of my website, I always thought that people were going to look at my blog and fall in love with the design. Truth be told, a few days later, I end up changing the design because I get sick of it. When I look at a blog who has an amazing design and graphics, I get the urge to change my website even better than them. Of course, it ends up that the blogger has been blogging for six years and they learned code. I always have remind myself to not compare my beginning with someone’s middle.


Recently, I was in a serious writer’s block and I was absolutely clueless on what to write about. I wasn’t traveling nor going anywhere because of school and other issues. What I found helpful is that I found something to do with my blog to keep me occupied. I re-designed the whole entire blog from top to bottom, and I felt refreshed. It gave me inspiration and new ideas for a blog post, and I really recommend to bloggers that when they’re in a writer’s block, just let it go and find something to occupy yourself.


This is definitely a personal point, but I am borderline obsessed with my blog. It is currently 12:30 AM and I just came up with this post ideas so I started writing. I stay up late at night customizing and fixing my blog and honestly, I love it so much. I wanted to become a part-time blogger with school full time and maybe a job, but I don’t think it will be possible for me to do so when I’m staying up this late doing my blog and it’s still summer.


With photography on Instagram, I have collaborated with many brands and it was an amazing opportunity. I thought that creating a blog would help me collaborate with more brands, but boy was I wrong. There are so many, thousands, of other bloggers with much better content, traffic and everything overall. It takes time for your blog to build it and when you do, that’s the later.


If I am at target and I see a nice picture, if I learn an amazing recipe on TV, everything becomes a topic for my blog posts. Everything is an inspiration and it keeps your head rolling about a topic. You’re consistently inspired by the small things and you can’t wait to go home and start writing. That is definitely a habit that I learned I had recently, and I am standing tall and proud. Yup, bloggers, don’t be ashamed! (I am half asleep right now and I have no idea what I’m writing)


When I first entered the “blogging world”, I never imagined it to be so big. I guess I thought that blogging was old since I first did it when I was eight with my dad, but there’s a really, really big world out there and I am so excited on what it will bring me. It’s like a book that keeps on getting exciting and you just can’t let go. It’s a really big world and in all honesty, I can’t wait to go out there.

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  • This is one of the most honest posts I’ve read in a long time. It’s so great to hear that I’m not the only one who felt I was missing something!

  • Hi Grace. I love this post!! I too thought people would flock to my very first blog post and all of a sudden thousands of people would be begging me to write more. Great things take time, I guess 😉

  • I have to agree with a lot of the points you made. However, blogging is a long-term commitment, although the results don’t show immediately, if you show perseverance and keep pushing through, you can turn your blog into an online business in the future.
    Keep going and never give up!

    Jay from Eclectic Elite

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    • Hello, I really appreciate the comment but I’m not happy about the fact that it is an advertisement. I do block accounts after a few times so please keep that in mind:)

  • Grace- I found this article very real! I have been toying with the idea of blogging as a way to keep my memories and cool articles like this:) I am not sure I want to Pursue it as something to do as a job– not of a hobby- would love to talk more about this!

    • Definitely! I did actually want to pursue blogging as a job, but I’m now more open to the idea of multiple small jobs:)

  • Hey Grace,

    found your blog by you being my very first follower, thanx for that ?
    I truely love this article about the 8 points ?

    Go ahead, you’re gonna make it.

    Bettina ?

  • Loved reading this! Please check out my Barcelona style book (and all things mermaid)

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    Instagram @alionawithlove

    Twitter @alionawithlove

  • You’ve listed some really good points here, particularly number three – I love your mention of not comparing your middle to somebody else’s end. That can apply to so many areas of life! Having blog ideas pop into your head at all times is very true too, haha 🙂


    • I really didn’t expect myself to stay up late at night every day on my blog, but it just happened haha. I just checked out your post! It’s pretty cool how we wrote it in the exact same day!:)

    • Yup, it’s a long process and even if you think you’re at the top, there’s always someone who has better content and pictures. I think it’s important that you become humble and always use people better than you as an inspiration:)

  • So many of these are reasons why I stopped writing my original blog and moved on to my current. I kept getting discouraged that I wasn’t getting a lot of views on posts, that I wasn’t making tons of friends. I had to reassess my blogging to make me happy with it all again. Blogging is definitely a shock, there is so much that you didn’t realise. But it’s super fun 🙂

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  • I can’t either! Recently, I logged onto Wix again to create my portfolio but it was so awkward trying to design the website because I was already so used to WordPress!

  • I love how you’re not afraid to let your readers know everything you’re thinking. Most bloggers won’t admit that they wanted more collaborations or views, but here you are, telling use to be careful of those thoughts! You are really an inspiration!

    • Thank you, I was probably half asleep when I got this post idea and started writing so that is probably why I was so honest haha

  • It looks like you’ve been blogging for years! I can’t believe you’ve only blogged for eight months, your voice is really clear!

  • Haha, I love how you say you’re borderline obsessed! I cannot begin to imagine how much time and effort you put into creating imagination!

  • i can definitely relate to this, my blog isn’t nearly as big as i’d like to it be because i tend to lack the motivation and inspiration a lot of the time. although it is hard to look at other blogs that you think are better than yours, i love to use them as a source of inspiratio as well 🙂


    • I always feel challenged when I see other blogs who have better content and design than me, but yes, I do try to use them as my inspiration!

  • I agree with all of these things. It is a very slow process that I’m still navigating, and trying not to get too frustrated. I think when it all comes down to it, you have to do it because you enjoy it first and foremost or it would be impossible to stick with!

    • Yup! Before I even started a blog, I always loved making websites on Wix and two years later, to see myself blogging in a legitimate platform is just amazing. Like I said, I am borderline obsessed! haha

  • Wow, to a newbie blogger like me, this is such an informational post! Honestly, I did think the same points you listed here but slowly, my expectations are falling down!

    • Thank you! I love how you say your expectations are falling down, because that is exactly what iI tried to explain in this post. I had so many expectations before I started my blog and now, it all just fell down haha

    • Thank you! The past eight months have been amazing for me because I was in an online school and I was traveling, but now that school is starting in a few days, I really don’t know if I can make the time!

    • Yes! My idea of a blogger is so much different than when I first started and I am changing my perspective every day:)