5 WordPress Plugins I Can’t Blog Without

What I enjoy about blogging isn’t just about writing and sharing. I love the entire process of creating a post, making sure everything’s in place, utilizing SEO, enabling a bunch of cool features on my site, and using WordPress in general. Along the way, I’ve discovered some great plugins that I use on a daily basis, and it has become a part of my blogging process that I can’t remove.

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yoast seo

Yoast is a SEO plugin I’ve been using since the day I found out about SEO. Not only did my page views increase after I started utilizing this plugin, it allowed me to improve the quality of my posts through the help of the SEO guides. I personally use a Yoast SEO Premium which I upgraded to when I first started earning an income from this blog in October of 2016.

You can go to Yoast’s website to read about SEO and use Pinterest to find tutorials.


Ah, another lifesaver of mine – Jetpack. Jetpack is a plugin that has many different features combined. I use the free version, and you can upgrade your plan by an inexpensive amount each year. There are tons of great featured, but here’s a few of my favorites. I actually use them on this website, but it may look different depending on your WordPress theme. These features can also be enabled simply by clicking a button next to them, so have fun exploring the different features that could protect or improve your site.

Images: speed up images and display in grids

Posts: infinite scroll, related posts, XML sitemaps

Security: Block suspicious-looking sign in activity (protected my site from 9,782 malicious login attempts)


Askimet is a plugin that goes hand-in-hand with Jetpack. There’s one use for this plugin – detect and protect your website from spam comments. I usually don’t use plugins that only have one use since more plugins will slow down my site. However, this plugin has saved my lazy self from manually deleting spam comments – in fact, 40,234 spam comments. Of course, there are times when Askimet fails to detect spam comments or accidentally misplaces genuine comments. However, this is the number one spam protection plugin I would recommend to anyone.

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social warfare

I actually found this plugin by researching. Even though Jetpack offers a social share feature, I decided to install this plugin because it had many other social media options I could choose from. There are so many features in this one social plugin that I love to use, including the twitter banner you see above this section. You are free to add a twitter button or even a social share plugin in the middle of any post, which could lead to more shares of a post. However, make sure to not plaster it within the post since it could get a little annoying.

ultimate tweaker

Last but not least, the Ultimate Tweaker. You can’t find this in the WordPress plugins directory – it needs to be purchased via the Envato Market. The market has other cool plugins and themes that I frequently use and it’s a resource to find other sources such as video, audio, and graphics.

Here are a few of my favorite features:

Protection: Disable right click, disable image-dragging, disable PrintScreen button

Content: Open external post links in new window

Comments: Open external comment links in new window

Search: Pretty URL

Minifier: Minify HTML, clean style tags, clean script tags

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