5 Tips For School This Year

When I noticed that I was going back to school in fourteen days, I would say I panicked. I didn’t even go near a real school for ten months and now I have to go back to my old school and see my old friends. In a hurry, I scratched up my memory for a few tips that worked best for me to get through my school year. These tips also helped me get through going to two full schools in Hawaii for three months, teaching kids in three different countries for two and a half months, and an online school that I completed for ten months. Of course, these tips will not be useful to everyone but I am hoping that somebody out there needs them.


My favorite thing to do before I start homework is to write a numerical list of projects/assignments I have to do starting from my first period. That feeling when I finish an assignment and I cross it off the list makes me feel achieved and motivates me to keep on going. It’s another way to make sure that you do all your assignments and not miss out a paper due the next day!


I was never the girl who went straight to her desk after she came home. I always had an extra circular activity after school and I always started on my homework at 5-6. It’s always good to find out the time when you focus more and make an alarm 5 minutes before and another one at exactly the time. It has really helped me when I was attending two schools in Hawaii. After school at 3PM, my friends and I would always hang out. I always set my alarm at 4 so that I can go back to our room and start on my actual school homework.


There are times when I am organized and I totally know what to do. I keep my homework written down, I keep all my papers in place and I know where my things are. But in a few days, that can turn upside down and you will never know what is where. It’s really important to get yourself together and become organized.


I cannot force this enough, but taking good notes really saves your life. Not only do you have your own textbook right next to you when you study, you will more likely to study the things that will be on your test! In my experience, the teachers make their tests out of information they give, never out of the blue. The more you pay attention with your notes, the more likely you will be making a study guide.


I should have technically put this as number one, but I kind of write as a go so don’t blame me. But before I study, I have a habit of brushing my teeth, washing my face and tying my hair up and cleaning everything off my desk. It helps me feel fresh and focused and that’s the environment I like when I study. Figure out the right environment for yourself and make it ha

DISCLAIMER: these tips are not facts and contain my opinions. They include personal experience/preference and are not forced to be taken.

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  • These are great tips! I also love feeling fresh, bright, and ready before starting my homework, and I normally try to make my study space as bright as possible.

  • Writing every single task in my diary is so up my alley, no matter how little the task, I’ll still jot it down to both remind myself as well as just to be able to cross it off my list. There’s nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment.

    • Haha me too! Even though it may be like writing a short summary for a book, it’s feels way better to cross off each task in a subject than cross off “literature homework” after you’ve finished all your homework:)

  • Having a little notebook as an agenda works perfectly for me. Then I can write down what needs to be done and I have that reminder. I sometimes write things on my hand because I’ll forget that I wrote anything in the notebook. Also note taking is so important. I learned to color code mine for my classes and it made studying a breeze!

    Single Vegas Girl

    • Color coding really helped me in schooL! I always had the same color folder and notebook for each subject and it helped me become very organized:)

  • I always have a spare notebook for everything too! It’s really helpful to have a space where you don’t have to worry about running by doodling on it!

    • I always replace my school planner with a blank notebook or a really simple planner! I just feel more organized but I do rip off the important things off my school planner and stick it in my own planner haha

  • These are very helpful! I remember when I was in college and I was searching everywhere to find good tips to study and make a good habit and I wish you were born a few years earlier to post this when I was in college!

    • Haha, than you Sara! I sometimes wish that I was born a few years earlier when I look at people achieving their goals. My friend Soo is a year older than me and she is interning and starting a business and I get my inspiration from her a lot:)

  • Great tips! It’s outstanding how a fifteen year old girl has her studies so clearly in mind. “know how and when you work” is especially hard for teenage girls to know and use in her lives but you, you’ve done it outstandingly!

    • Thank you Irene! I’ve always heard that my study tips are always helpful so I really wanted to share this with people, especially that number two:)

  • No problem Emily! I love writing tips because I’m a really strict person when it comes to habits. It’s nice to see that I can help people with my tips!