5 Quick Changes To Improve Your Blog

Whether you are just starting out or have been blogging for a few years, there’s always room for improvement. You might have already done most of the items on the list, but you might haven’t. I have been blogging for over a year now (wow!), but I haven’t done most of these myself until recently.

1. update your about & contact page

You would be surprise at how many times I go to a blog and don’t come back because they don’t have an about page. It’s not purposeful, but once the reader gets to know your name and more about you, they will remember your blog and come back. I myself have been pushing this back for ages, and I finally got around to do it in March.

2. change your WordPress username

This might seem like nothing, but changing your WordPress username should be the first thing you do when you log into your website. Why? If your username is in “admin”, so are many others’ usernames. This makes your website so much easier to hack since you’ve helped them get halfway. If you’ve already changed your username, pat yourself in the back and move on.

3. clean up your sidebar

This one is actually my biggest pet peeve when I see it on a blog – a messy sidebar. Not only does it distract me from reading a blog, it doesn’t leave a great impression on me (unintentionally). I currently have:

– about me (picture & description)
– search form, social media buttons & bloglovin’ follow
– category list & Instagram
– disclosure, translation & advertisement

Even that list looks like a lot, right? But imagine a sidebar with three different display ads, pictures/graphics from their affiliated companies, and even worse, two of the same widgets. Actually, this may be worse – a sidebar that isn’t aligned properly. That seriously makes me cringe.

I’m not saying that your blog design should be perfect; I know that not everyone has the resources to do so. However, try your best to minimize what you have in your sidebar. If you have two ads, make it one (this could be better for you in some ways). If your widgets aren’t aligned, use graphic design platforms such as Canva to create graphics instead.

4. minimize your colors/fonts

Have you seen a blog before that used at least five different colors (that didn’t fit the color scheme) and/or one that uses three/four different fonts in one post? The more elements you put in, the messier your blog looks. Try to minimize the number of colors you use to two (excluding white and black), and your fonts (overall) to three.

For my blog, I have one color (warm gray) for my background and links world map, and that’s it. Other than matte black (#444444) for my menu and white for my content, I tried to use almost nothing since I wanted my photographs to pop. I use one font for title, header, and body and another for my site title and graphics.

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5. focus on writing content

On my post on what I would o if I had to create my blog all over again, I mentioned that I use an editorial calendar. Why? Because I can tell which days to focus on writing content. I set specific days to solely focus on writing content because that’s the whole point of blogging. Updating your pages, securing your blog, or making your blog look nicer doesn’t matter if you don’t have great content to display.

For the longest time, I was writing posts and published them right away. Now that I look back, it was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. Just like school essays, your blog posts should be edited, made sure that all information is from credible sources, and focus on the quality of the post overall. I wrote a (hopefully) helpful post on five useful tips to improve your content.

why do i post blogging tips?

I’ve received so many messages asking why I post blogging tips or advice. I’ve even had some people say to focus on posting travel content and not waste my time on blogging posts. To be honest, I love writing about blogging. I love writing about what I learned while blogging for a year, some mistakes I made, and helping other bloggers become better. Of course, I love traveling, photography, and writing about my travels. But as a student, I can’t always travel whenever I want, so I also spend my time writing about what I love to do in my free time (which is blogging).

At the end of the day, this blog, gracee.co, is created by me, and I have the right to post what I enjoy here. I’ve been receiving countless amount of messages saying that I’m a “fake travel blogger” just because I don’t post as much travel as others. The only reason I rebranded was so that I’m not limited to one specific niche. I hope that you all can understand, and thank you for all your love and support!

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  • Great tips! I think the push for content is so important. A great looking blog with nothing to say isn’t doing anyone any good, you or the reader! Keep up the great work here, lovely lady, and live unstoppable!

  • Hi just wanted to say I made an about page after reading this post and I feel like I am gaining more followers now. Not sure if they are necessarily cause-and-effect but thanks for the tip!!

  • This is exactly why I keep saying that I’m sort of a travel blogger. Because even though I travel a bit and write about it (and live as an expat for most of time), I write about other things, too, and somehow people have this idea of how exactly a travel blog should look (I hate this categorizing, it we all do it the same, what will make us unique and worth reading??) and can be quite unforgiving when you go out of the imaginary boundaries and write about something different. Which is riddiculous, you totally have right to write about everything that excites you – yes, it is a bit trickier on promotion, it’s easier to look up a blog with one niche and most people tend to like those, but that’s our problem as bloggers.

    Every item has its buyer they say, you might just need more readers interested in all your topics – like me 😀 I am a blogger who loves to improve and a traveller who is always excited for travel hacks so I am interested in both topics. Keep writing about whatever comes into your mind 😉 When one gets more famous, this is probably a danger, that people have expectations and sometimes you might just want to write about something different and that should be fine. Nobody is “just a traveller”, we do so much stuff in our lives so why should we write just about one tiny piece?

  • Thanks a lot! I still don’t have an “About Me” page and only have a brief paragraph about me in my sidebar, but maybe I should really make it an actual page.

  • I appreciated your blogging tips and also your perspective on not limiting your content scope. I, for one, get bored with seeing the same things daily and enjoy bloggers that stretch in to different areas. Cheers to you for all your work!