10 Things You Must Do In Prague

Prague, Czech Republic is one of the best cities you can visit in Central Europe. Filled with artisans and tourists in the Charles Bridge, it was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. Out of the many countries and cities I have visited, Prague was the city that both my mom and I continuously mentioned of going back. Sadly, I lost most of my pictures that I took with my camera from this trip, but I was able to get back photos I took with my phone.
If you’ve been with me since beginning of 2016, you would know that I had a post (with all the pictures) of Prague on my other blog, but stupid me decided to delete it when I moved to self hosting. Anyway, here a few things you should do when you visit Prague, Czech Republic

1. walk on Charles bridge

Believe it or not, this picture was taken right outside of the place we were staying at. On the right-ish center, you could see the beautiful Prague Castle, and the little bridge at the bottom is Charles Bridge. The bridge is filled with talented artists and musicians, you’ll spend a good hour just strolling across the bridge itself.

2. walk up to the Prague castle

The walk up to the Prague Castle itself is quite long. However, you won’t get bored along the way because so many interesting people help you stay entertained. I met a very tall man dressed as Pierrot who tried to talk to us. Oh, let’s not forget the beautiful view you have if you just glance over the wall next to you.

3. tour the Prague castle

The Prague Castle is the largest castle in Europe, and it has over seven hundred rooms. Not only is it huge, but it has so much history into it that you’ll be sucked into strolling around the different rooms that are available. The picture below is of St. Vitus Cathedral that is next to the buildings with all the rooms.

4. go inside the st. Vitus cathedral

The stained glass in this cathedral is so beautiful, and you’ll have a blast while walking around the enormous building. Though it’s always packed with tourists, the feeling when you go in is incredible. When people say that the cathedral is breathtaking, they’re not joking.

5. take a picture on the Lennon Wall

This is probably the most photographed place in Prague. It’s a huge wall of graffiti, and was inspired by John Lennon. The wall is filled with song lyrics, peace signs, and so many more symbols of freedom. Also, I found my name on it!

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6. walk around Mala Strana

Mala Strana is a little district within the city of Prague, and is right below Charles Bridge. There are many shops around, and you can even find entertainment (like the man below making gigantic bubbles).

7. visit Wenceslas Square

When visiting Prague, most people tend to populate towards the older, antique, and historical buildings. Wenceslas Square, the “modern town”, is filled with what you can find in a normal city – cars, buildings, shops, etc.

8. take a look at the Prague Astronomical Clock

Another populated tourist hotspot in Old Town – the Prague Astronomical Clock. Be aware – hundreds of people come to look at this clock so you may or may not be long away from the clock when it is time.
Little tip: There’s a cafe right behind the clock (I only went to one so I don’t know if there are more). Go there before everyone crowds around so you can sit down and relax while everyone’s trying to squeeze in.

9. go to the Fred & Ginger’s Dancing House

I think it was our last day in Prague when I was desperate to go somewhere new. I was googling around when I saw this interesting and quirky building; we went directly to the building. The dancing building was near the Vltava River, and we walked around the little town for a bit.

10. walk around beautiful streets of prague

My brother was slightly disappointed because the Dancing House wasn’t that “great”, so we turned around and started walking around the streets. I came across this beautiful sight of the Vltava River to the left, beautiful buildings to the right, and the perfect amount of light that made this street look so special. Though I don’t have more pictures, walking around the streets (especially at night) was something I could never forget.

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  • I just got back from Prague. Isn’t it beautiful. I’m really glad I didn’t go when there was snow. These are some of my favorite places. Thank you for sharing this.

  • I plan on going to Prague sometime in the next year or two and have been looking up things to do and places to see. I like things that are off the beaten path usually. Your list is amazing, I am definitely going to keep it in mind.

  • Great post – I’ve been to Prague a few times and I can’t recommend a few of these enough. Number 10 might be the best, but that goes for ANY city. Walking around wandering the city streets is the best way to acquaint myself with the surroundings of my hostel/hotel, and to get my bearings for how the city works.

    Other than that though – the bridge, the castle, and the square are must-sees! And by see, I mean walk to, grab a beer/a coffee at, and relax and enjoy the view. The view can be either the city, the river or the people, doesn’t matter – all are good travel activities. Great tip on how to see the clock – it is ALWAYS so crowded these days.

  • I adore Prague. We used to go there for weekend trips when we lived in Germany and the restaurant called COMO on Wencesles square is still one of my favorite places in the whole world. I can’t believe you left the Statni Opera off this list though! It is a MUST when visiting Prague! xoRach | http://www.rkcsouthern.com

  • Like the list, definitely for a fist timer who seeks for the “classic” touristy things to see. But I would totally add Petřín, a beautiful hill with an observatory on it which is a miniature of Eiffel tower and offers a great view. Also downstairs there is some gallery or museum and a little mirror maze where you can take funny pictures.

    Petřín is beautiful especially in spring and summer, lots of roses and other flowers in bloom, lilacs etc., just very pretty.

    Also see some big parks like Stromovka or valleys like Divoká Šárka when you want to see some nature.

    Visit our Zoo! I’ve been there tons of times and seen also other ones but never found one that would be more beautiful. I really love our Zoo and you can spend the whole day there (I’d say it’s for minimum 4 hours).

    Walk along the river. The last photo is actually a part of Náplavka where you can find numerous food and stalls and antiques at some points in month, so do a little research. Nearby there are also options for great music night – for example the floating boat club JazzDock.

    The things on the list are quite super touristy so if you want to do it differently, I suggest to check out Youtube for chanell called Prague’s Honest Guide. It’s done by two amaizing czech guys who show you the biggest tourist traps to avoid, the best hidden gems, epic and cheap places to eat at, where to have fun and see things most locals don’t even know about. Myself included, I am amazed to see what I didn’t know 😀

    • Woops, not sure what happened above! Totally agree with this list having visited two years ago, brilliant place for couples, with friends or family, there’s plenty to do!

  • Love that you have photos of each activity! Prague’s not a typical destination I would think to visit but now you’ve made me reconsider!

  • My husband and I visited Prague 3 years ago, but we were only there about 2-3 days. We did some of your “10 things,” but not all of them. I’d love to go back someday. Prague is a beautiful city.

  • My sister visited Prague last year! From what I can tell, she did all of these things, too 🙂 It does look so pretty, it’s definitely on my travel bucket list. Your photos are lovely, it’s a shame that you lost many of them 🙁 But, it’s nice to have the memories, and you’ve got a few left to supplement the memories! Plus, it’s not going anywhere!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  • i’ve always heard that prague is an interesting place and your post just made that even clearer. love all the photos, especially the man with the gigantic balloon! i would love to witness that in real life. it’s such an interesting entertainment 😀